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Started by MagicMagic, January 28, 2019, 08:44:48 PM

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Hi all,  can anyone advise me please?  We have the meal plan plus, I understand that with a meal plan it is usually a set menu, however one of my children is very fussy but will happily eat burgers and chicken nuggets.  I'm struggling to see a restaurant that offers these on a set menu however they do have them on their regular menu, I was wondering can I pay extra for items not on the set menu or would I have to pay full price?Any recommendation of places to eat would be greatly appreciated too...Thanks!


I think you can use your voucher at it's face value, you don't get as much value out of it but if it means they'll be eating something they want it should be fine.
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If you have any fussy eaters you're better off just sticking to the buffet restaurants as there's something for everybody.  If you're on the Plus meal plan then I'd assume you're probably staying at either Sequoia Lodge or Newport Bay?  Both have buffet restaurants which your voucher will cover the full cost of.

If you do want to eat at the table service restaurants that are on the plus plan, such as Captain Jacks or Bistrot Chez Remy, you can ask for plain versions of the menu food, such as plain chicken and chips.  They are used to being asked for things like this for children but remember there won't be a massive choice.  So for example, they won't be able to get a Pizza in Captain Jacks because they don't serve pizza there.  But if there is a chicken dish on the menu and it has a sauce or something with it, you can ask for it to be plain.  If you don't want the set menu that your voucher covers then you can choose individual items and pay the bill using your voucher at face value and then you just pay the rest.

As I said initially though, I always think the buffets are the best option for families with fussy eaters.  I have 1 very fussy child (as well as 2 not fussy ones!) and we love the buffets.  I don't have to worry about anybody being hungry because there's so much choice.