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Started by Santtu82, July 23, 2019, 02:17:50 PM

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I've been reading this forum for a couple of weeks now but this will be my very first post :)

We've been to Disneyland California for a couple times but have now started to plan our next summers vacation. Being from Finland I think it's about time to go and see what Disneyland Paris is all about!

But that's off topic..my question is that has there ever been any talks about MaxPass and mobile ordering food coming to the DLP app? We used them on our last trip in California last month and they were absolutely game changing! No need to wait in line for food or having to walk around the park chasing fast passes. Everything was done via the app. Not to mention getting Photopass was a definite bonus :)



I've not heard anything about that.
But who knows what the future brings.
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It's a shame really. Those two features made a huge impact on our park experience and would surely be a great addition to any Disney park. Hopefully these will be adapted at some point in the future.


The fourth update to the Disneyland Paris app is now live, introducing the ability to buy and scan park tickets straight from the app as a QR code. No more lost ticket panic! But also, no more collectible paper tickets? 😢

Quote• Purchase Ticket in App: facilitates the arrival of our guests by allowing them to buy their undated 1 day ticket directly in app, available for an immediate access to the Park. The range is composed of 4 tickets: 1 day 1 park (adult or children) & 1 day Hopper ticket (adult & children). Thanks to this feature, guests will no longer need to queue at ticketing to buy their entitlement.

• Use Ticket in App: allows the users to use their smartphone as a ticket, by scanning the QR code on the ticketing screen. In just a few clicks, phones will become tickets: No more need to print the tickets, no more need to queue, and most of all, no more fear of losing the tickets.

• Map update: includes the latest version of the park maps

• Continuous Improvement: in addition to those new features, we are also including improvements of the existing features based on user feedbacks and analytics, to continuously enhance the user experience.

"The 1 Day Parks tickets (undated) are the first Parks tickets to be launched in the application. But our teams are already working on launching other types of tickets in the coming months!" said Guillaume Bendiyan, Mobile Application product manager.



The App is something that needs a lot of work.

Considering you can't make dining reservations on it yet, (something that is possible even for the small restaurant in our village can do)

It will be a while before you can make ordering food possible on it.

This is something I was hoping with Disney taking control of Disneyland Paris would change. The processes to booking and ordering in Disneyland Paris seem to be so antiquated compared to other parks. The button on the app to make dining reservations, that very cleverly opens a link to their phone number quite frankly in 2020 is laughable.
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The app does have online dining reservations, the system is there but it does not go live until July 15th.

What's still missing:

Virtual Fastpasses & Tickets (more than just an app feature mind you)
Mobile Food Ordering
Virtual Queuing (looking at you, Lineberty)


I thought dining reservation would only be available on the French version of the app, fantastic news if it's on all!