COVID-19: Disneyland Paris phased re-opening from 15th July 2020

Started by Anthony, June 28, 2020, 12:50:54 PM

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Disneyland Paris has announced the resort will begin re-opening from 15th July 2020, with a gradual phased re-opening for theme parks, attractions and hotels, spanning through to September, and numerous new health and safety interventions.

Read all the detail here:

Is anyone planning a visit in the remainder of this year? I'd be interested to hear your planning, especially around actually getting there - flights, train? Will it actually be possible and safe?


Can't wait!!

So far we have 1 day trip booked and a longer one planned (depending on how the one day goes...)

We've booked to go a Saturday in August (with our APs), we'll probably just drive there in the morning and drive back at night (3 hours drive from Luxembourg, so tiring but doable). And if all goes well we'll try a 2 or 3 night stay in September, before our daughter goes back to school.

Infection numbers are going up again here in Luxembourg since lockdown was eased (main issue seems to be big parties where people don't maintain distancing or wear masks) so we're hoping they don't start another lockdown or close the border again...




park will remain closed until at least april, but the Castle is undergoing massive refurbishment in preparation for the 30th anniversary next year.
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