Favorite character meal?

Started by MinniesTeaParty, September 13, 2018, 04:49:57 PM

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We are headed back to DLP in November. We've visited twice before but never booked our dining early enough to get a reservation for a character meal. My daughter is 5, and she loves princesses and Mickey and Minnie and friends. Does anyone have any recommendations for a favorite character meal? Based on character interaction, food, or ambience? We all enjoy good food and are fairly adventurous eaters.

I was leaning towards booking dinner at Inventions for after the park closes. We arrive on a Sunday but I don't think we could arrive early enough for brunch. Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences to share? Thanks.


We always go to Inventions now and I think it's well worth the money for the character interaction, the service and the quality of the food. We've never had a bad experience, in fact we tend to end up staying for ages having a good laugh with the characters and eating until we can barely walk. Looking forward to brunch there for the first time during our November trip!
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I suppose it depends on who is more important to you, Mickey and Minnie or the princesses  ::)

Auberge de Cendrillon for Princesses or Inventions for Mickey and Minnie, both have excellent character interaction and the food is amazing.  :-*
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A Princess Disnae......

If you would have asked me previously I would always have said Inventions, it is the Pink Hotel after all, but now I would say Cafe Mickey! I did not rate the 'old' Cafe Mickey so was dubious, but can't praise the character interaction enough. I felt that the characters had more time to spend with the kids, so much so they were all 'flossing' together!!  ;D
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