Nightmare before Christmas overlay for phantom manor?

Started by irishbhoy1888, September 30, 2018, 10:48:00 AM

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Don't know if anyone seen ed92s post on twitter this morning with what looks like imagineering standing at the door of phantom manor with a giant candy cane prop.
Many commenting that they might be hiding a Christmas opening as a big suprise with a nightmare before Christmas overlay like done at Disneyland California.
Ed92 seems to have taken down the post not long after posting so something is definitely happening here that they are hiding.


I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they're planning a surprise opening for Christmas season! I was so disappointed that the ride won't be open when we visit in December, so this will be the best thing for me if it did happen! Phantom Manor is my favourite ride and NBC my favourite Disney film!


Would love this . Would also be great being able to advertise "A New attraction" .
Next Trip 28 Sep - 5 October 18 :) :)


ED92 have now removed the post as the person who sent it to them admitted it was fake and has now deleted their account.  ::)
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