Third park for Tokyo

Started by Rocketeer, November 29, 2017, 09:07:29 PM

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Numerous sources are suggesting (although not confirmed) that Tokyo Disneyland Resort will get a third gate but construction won't being until around '25.

No details yet, but it could be a Japanese version of DCA (ie. themed to the local culture) or basically everything that doesn't fit / can't fit in the other parks. (ie. Marvel and Star Wars).

I'll update this as and when more details emerge.


Here's something..
QuoteVia Kotaku, Mainichi News is reporting that the company is going to invest $2.7 billion in the new park, which will be focused on the culture of Japan and targeted to tourists visiting the country. It sounds like a similar approach to the one that was used to create Disney California Adventure. It should also be noted that all of the Disney parks in Japan are owned and operated by the Oriental Land Company, but Disney has full creative control.

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Jules Verne

Even though i probably wont get there it's very exciting. I also heard that it will be called Disney Sky, following the patter of Land, Sea and now Sky which isn't some thing i though of before.

If Disney Sea is any thing to go by it will be a great collection of properties and original ideas.


It does sound very exciting. If it's anything like Tokyo DisneySea, oh my god.
I definitely want to visit at some point!
I am totally saving up to go back to Japan, next time I'll do both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea (I've only had one day to spend on the parks this trip so I chose Sea).