Star Wars Show In The Studio`s

Started by Disney Dad 63, September 18, 2017, 07:58:16 PM

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Disney Dad 63

Hi All,

Wow, this is just awesome to want if your a "Star Wars" fan like me, first you get all the loud background music of the March Of The Storm Troopers" which they walk to a main stage, after which you get a short show there are 2 show`s one in French and one in English but you do get the times of each show. but it is worth watching.

I love the Storm Troopers and whilst watching the show and recording it on my camcorder I just happened to be face to face with one of the Storm Troopers perfect placement and the atmosphere is excellent, you do get a big crowd watching and it is roped off so I suggest get the times of the "March Of The Storm Troopers" then stand in front of the stage so you can get a great view but do it before the Storm Troopers March begins so your there ready for them.
Disney Dad 63 :-)


I agree! That show was great and my other half is a big Star Wars fan and was loving every second of it. The clips played on the big screen felt like the ultimate Star Wars appreciation show.