Extra Magic Hour Meet 'n' Greets

Started by Mushu_Stitch, August 26, 2017, 04:24:01 PM

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Hi all,

We are heading to DLP on 4th September and I was wondering if anyone knew what meet 'n' greets were happening during extra magic hours at the moment?

Last time we were able to do some great ones in extra magic hours with the characters in their spring gear. Is that what's happening at the moment? Are the characters in their anniversary costumes for these meet 'n' greets?

Any info would be greatly appreciated  ;D


When I was there in July it was pretty much all the main characters: Minnie was outside Liberty Arcade, Daisy or Goofy and Pluto were outside Discovery Arcade, Chip and Dale were at the Gazebo and Donald was down near Casey's. We also headed for Meet Mickey Mouse as the park opened properly so got that done quick and easy too.

They were all in the 25th anniversary costumes except Mickey who was obviously in his normal outfit.
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Thanks for the info. That sounds like what I was hoping and expecting to be honest. Although I am surprised Mickey isn't in the 25th costume though as he is basically the face of Disney