Stunt show- weather?

Started by Zesty, June 02, 2017, 05:52:03 PM

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Hello, I was wondering if it was under cover, either from rain or shade from
Sun or are you exposed? I would be in a disabled area (assuming there is one) if that makes any difference


There is an arena-kind of stage.
The disabled area is on the lower three levels, or in front of it if you're in a wheelchair.


There is a roof canopy over the seating area. You are generally well protected from the rain (designed so it can be used in all seasons) but if the weather is too bad the show is cancelled - can't have the cars etc skidding off etc. The roof also protects from the sun but not always depending on the time of the day and where the sun is in the sky. The lower area is worst affected for this with the higher tiers usually shaded.
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