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Started by scarletj, May 23, 2017, 03:47:06 PM

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Are there any good character meet & greets that are unique to DLP? A character you can't find in other parks or someone in a different outfit?

At WDW we try to do a themed photo, like the girls wear a red dress with white polka-dots to meet Minnie in a similar dress, or we once did Khaki "safari" type outfits to meet Mickey and Minnie in Animal Kingdom. I'm trying to think of something good for DLP.


I think it might depend on the time of year. For example, at the moment in DLP Mickey and Minnie are in their 25th anniversary outfits a lot, but at Hallowe'en Minnie tends to wear and Orange and Purple dress.
At Christmas they have different outfits again. I love the idea of themed photos  ;D
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Thanks for the reply!  We will be there in July.  Do you think Mickey and Minnie will still be in their 25th Anniversary outfits then?  And what do they look like?


Here's the outfits

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That's so cute.  Do they meet together or separate?   Is it in their regular meeting spot or somewhere else?


We met Minnie in her usual spot. We met Mickey in his meet and greet in fantasyland but he wasn't wearing his anniversary outfit. Donald, Daisy and Chip and Dale were wearing theirs though

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Not Paris exclusive as such, but we have Pinocchio, Geppetto, Timon, Tweedles, Queen of Hearts, Genie, Jafar, Darth Vader, Mr Smee, Suzy and Perla quite regularly, who I know are a lot more unusual in the states, sometimes Rabbit, Sulley, Remy and Emile pop up for random sets too.

The Plaza gardens breakfast stars Scrooge McDuck and Piglet normally, both of whom I know are trickier to find in the states.

The 25th Anniversary outfits are awesome, you can meet Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Chip, Dale, Goofy and Pluto in their 25th outfits, Miss Bunny and Marie also have a 25th Anniversary outfit, but they've only been out once or twice since the celebrations started.

The current castle stage shows stars Max Goof, Duffy and all of the princes (well Naveen, Human Beast, Eric, Snow prince, Phillip, Charming, Prince Ali and Flynn Rider), if you're lucky a prince might randomly meet with his princess, but these are completely random (my advice is to follow @ed92live on Twitter for updates)

We do have Cheshire Cat, but he only met in public last Halloween other than an occasional character meal/special events.

If you're there on a Sunday I'd suggest doing the Inventions Sunday brunch, you'll have to book it two months in advance, but every Sunday there is a different theme (unannounced beforehand), some of the VIP's will be there in normally DLP exclusive outfits fitting that theme (Mickey and Minnie are usually definite, but you'll normally get at least 4 of the main 8), 99% of the time a brunch will also have guest stars from that theme (some previous examples are Cinderella usually stars Cinderella, Suzy, Perla, Prince Charming, Jaq and Gus, Aristocats stars Marie, Berloiz and Toulouse, Alice and friends has a mix of Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Tweedles, Cheshire Cat and March Hare, Snow White has Snow White and all 7 dwarves, under the sea has Ariel and Eric and sometimes Duffy, Oriental has Abu, Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie, Winnie the Pooh has Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet and Rabbit, Harvest has the Three Little Pigs, Magic has VIPs + Clarice, Orient Express has VIPs + Scrooge McDuck, New Orleans has Tiana and Naveen, Neverland has Peter, Wendy, Hook and Smee)

Don't take all of my post as definite as things can and will change, but this is a guide from personal experience, I hope you have an incredible holiday and tell us all about it when you are home!
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Thank you all so much!  This has helped a lot.  I'm thinking I might try something blue with white stars and hope to meet one of the fab 5 in their anniversary outfits.

I'd love to meet Remy, though.  We love that movie and, of course, it takes place in France.  I might pack our chef hats just in case (left over from my oldest's cooking themed birthday party).  I think the kids would get a kick out of that.  If he does come out, is he near his ride?  Or is there somewhere else I can look for him?

We only have 1 day, so I'm not planning any sit down meals.  I'm already following ed92, but that won't help me much to plan outfits, but I do hope to meet some interesting characters.


Emile is more likely to pop up than Remy, but I'd say if he was to pop up it'd be either in front lot of the studios or near It's A Small World, it's hard to predict sadly
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I've met Abu, Jafar and Genie easily in Paris where in the US parks these seem to have reserved for MNSSHP or MVMCP