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FAO Daddyof2 & nevertooold re Disney Med Cruise

Author Topic: FAO Daddyof2 & nevertooold re Disney Med Cruise  (Read 2745 times)


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FAO Daddyof2 & nevertooold re Disney Med Cruise
« on: December 03, 2016, 09:50:42 PM »
hey daddyof2 ad nevertoold (and anyone one else that has been on a Disney Med Cruise) got some questions for you :)

Ive decided to do something different and try cruising Disney style. I am planning on doing the last or second last Disney Med cruise in September 2018. More than likely it will be a solo cruise and I plan to book in 2017 as soon as the booking opens.

1. Rooms
What room numbers did you have? How was the noise level? Did you have an inside or porthole room? Were your rooms long, with the door at the end, or sideways with the door in the middle?

2. Where did you stay in Barcelona? How did you get from the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to the ship? Im thinking of getting there the day before and flying home the evening of disembarkation day. Is this a good plan

3. Excursions and Ports
This is something which has always put me off cruising, Im not really into the organised day trips, I prefer to do DIY. Is there something you wished you had done but didnt or something you didnt do but wish you did? Im thinking of not doing any Disney excursions, and just going ashore for a few hours at each port on my own, having a basic idea of things I would like to see and do. Is this a good idea?

4. What I am really looking forward to is the Disney cruising experience, what onboard things to do and see are a must do, not to be missed?

5. What about the alcohol situation? Did either of you do the alcohol packages or did you bring your own onboard? Im not really a beer or wine drinker, more a spirits and cocktails type.

6. Tipping, Im so confused about all that.

I'll probally have more questions as I go along :)

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Re: FAO Daddyof2 & nevertooold re Disney Med Cruise
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2017, 01:34:37 PM »
Apologies for very late reply, I hadn't seen the post!! On the plus side booking for the summer cruises opens today, so at least I'm not too late...

I'll try to answer all your questions...

1. Rooms. We are deck 2 people. In the Norway cruise we were in 2070 and in the Med in 2552. Both are category 9B (porthole rooms, midship). In 2070 it was a bit noisier because the Vibe club was close to it (and we could hear the kids running around), but the club has now moved, so I imagine it's nice and quiet now. We didn't have any issues with engine noises, or noises from the Atrium above us in any of the rooms. We like that location because it's close to the lifts, close to the laundry room (there are 3 on the Magic I think, one on the 2nd deck, around cabin 2090 I think it was. We'll be booking our next cruise tonight (ALASKA!!!) and we're going for similar cabins.

2. Barcelona. We drove down to Barcelona and ended up staying in a smaller town, south of Barcelona (about 15-20 minutes away by car). We found hotels in Barcelona quite expensive (but we were looking for rooms for 3 people, which limited choices and pushed prices up a bit... and we also wanted one with a pool since we were there for a few days). There were plenty of public transport choices, though, and taxis in Spain are not too expensive. Getting there the day before and leaving the evening after disembarking sounds like a good idea (you'll need somewhere to leave your bags on the last day though). Sorry I can't be more helpful about this!

3. Ports. We did go for Disney excursions on a couple of ports (went to see Herculaneum and Pisa), and organised our own thing for Rome. Civitavecchia is some distance away from Rome (if you want to go to Rome), but you can get a train there. The ship stays quite long in each port so you can plenty of time to explore. We didn't explore Civitavecchia (the Rome trip took all day) but we did go off by ourselves in the other ports, there was plenty to see and they were easy to navigate by ourselves. Doing research for our trip I also found that there is a good train network in Italy, so you can go to places of interest near the ports quite easily. Just one thing, be sure you're back with plenty of time, because unless you're on a Disney excursion, the ship will not wait for you!! (one of our Disney excursions did get back late, I was so grateful they had to wait for us!!) The family that shared our table didn't do any excursions, they explored a bit by themselves but stayed mostly on the ship, and they really enjoyed it. The ship is pretty quiet when everyone is off on their excursions, best time to do the Aqua Dunk!! There is always plenty going on in the ship, also during port days.

4. Personally I thought everything about the cruise was amazing. We haven't done the Palo brunch but hopefully we'll finally do it in Alaska, from what I hear it really is a must. Dinner there is also good but brunch is supposed to be unmissable. The shows were also really really good (Tangled and Dreams are absolute musts!!). We didn't spend much time in the adults area in the evenings, we did stay out a bit a couple of times after dinner and it was really nice, there was a really relaxed, fun atmosphere around. Hopefully next year we'll do it more. I also really enjoyed talking with the other guests, there are so many Disney fans!

5. Alcohol.... On the Norway cruise we went for a wine package (we were traveling with my parents so there were 4 of us drinking), but last year in the Med we simply had drinks every now and then. I know they've changed the alcohol policy and you can no longer bring anything you want (I think some beers and wine is OK, but no spirits). We bought some lemoncello in Italy and they kept it until our last day. Personally I prefer cocktails, so I was happy to try new ones. Every day there's a cocktail of the day, which is cheaper (I forget the price), plus every night in the menu they have 2 special cocktails to choose from (or you can ask for anything... one evening I didn't like the ones in the menu so they brought me a mojito from one of the bars...that was 9 dollars I think).

6. Tipping. It's actually quite easy. Disney will automatically calculate your tips for your servers are the restaurant (head server, server and assistant server), and the hostess (you can google to find the tip calculator, they calculate per person per day). On the last day they give you little envelopes for each person and a slip of paper with the tip amount, so you can give it to them personally (they get the money anyway, even if you don't give them the envelope). And you can go to guest services to change the amounts you're giving. Otherwise if you buy drinks from the bar or coffees from the Cove Cafe, a tip is added automatically. It's only if you order room service that you need to worry about tipping something to the waiter.

Hope this helps a bit!!