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Started by Fixiepixie, March 19, 2017, 08:44:47 PM

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Hi all, my son loves baymax from big hero 6 and jack from nightmare before Christmas.i was wondering does anyone know what kind of merchandise Disneyland has with these characters? Stuff like play set figures, kids beakers/cups, clothing , anything really!


There's a huge amount of Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise around the park (the ToT shop and PotC shop I seem to recall both had it but all the major shops will).

Not sure about Big Hero 6. I'm sure they do but I haven't noticed that as much.
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Thanks, it's been 5yrs since I've been to dlp and i wasn't sure what would be there.


Check out videos on Youtube. People are posting videos of merch in the stores in Paris. There is tonnes of Jack stuff for Kids and Adults.

Did not see any Big Hero 6 stuff though but may be in the stores too as I was not focused on it.