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Started by IntoTheWoods, September 20, 2017, 04:17:02 PM

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Hey everyone,

We have just seen Esmeralda and Clopin pop up near Casey Jr. alongside Rapunzel. It was a no queue meet an greet that apparently also occurred shortly before.

Are there fixed times for these at this spot that do not appear in the programme?

Hope someone knows :)
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It's literally luck and keeping an eye on Twitter. Common spots do seem to be down by Casey Jr and the Old Mill.
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Yesterday morning DisneyRon and I arrived at the Studios at about 10.30 and in the courtyard bit, just  before you go into the entrance building, there were pop up meet and greets with Pinocchio, the Queen of Hearts, Susy & Perla, Captain Hook and Smee!  Most people had gone in by then so within 10 minutes I'd had photos taken with all of them except for Captain Hook and Smee who I'd had photos taken with in Inventions the night before.

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Hi, I suggest following ED92 on twitter as he does live up dates everyday and finds all the characters.

I would suggest checking Disneyland Hotel, Casey Jr, the entrance to Fantasyland near Bella Notta and the Old Mill
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