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Question on Shuttle Buses, Annual Passes & Forest of Enchantment

Author Topic: Question on Shuttle Buses, Annual Passes & Forest of Enchantment  (Read 1431 times)


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Hi all,

My little one and I are off to Disney again at the end of May for 4 nights and as I am planning on taking her in October also for 4 nights I have decided to go the Annual Pass route this time around. How easy is the process for this when you get there and how long does it take?

Also I have seen a few sites offering the passes cheaper when pre-sold online but I want to know they are from websites I can trust so have any of you bought Annual Passes in advance from a third party before and exchanged them and if so, which websites did you use?

With regards to the shuttle buses, what time do they start running from the off site hotels (Kyriad, Explorers, Magic Circus etc) as my little one will no doubt be wanting to take advantage of the Magic Hours on a couple of mornings at least.

Final question for now and I don't know whether it's even been given a set date yet but does anyone know what dates the Forest of Enchantment show is running to and from this year? The Frozen Sing-a-Long is great and she loves it but we've seen it countless times already so it'd be nice to have the chance of seeing what would be a new show to us!

Many thanks in advance,


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Re: Question on Shuttle Buses, Annual Passes & Forest of Enchantment
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2017, 11:21:47 PM »
I can answer some of your questions, Ryan. If you buy at the park it takes between next to no time and up to 60 mins, depending on the queue length at the bureau in the park. If you have a sponsor you save 10% on the passes. Happy to sponsor you during that May trip, depending on your dates. Drop me a PM if you'd like.

I know some members have successfully purchased annual passes from agents, however I haven't got experience of that.

The bus from the Kyriad, Explorers, Magic Circus etc is the Peps 54 that runs from about 6am. The schedule is here:'s_051

Re the Forest of Enchantment, Disney have confirmed it's coming back, but the only dates provided so far are a vague 'summer 2017'. Not super helpful, I know!


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Re: Question on Shuttle Buses, Annual Passes & Forest of Enchantment
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2017, 06:35:02 PM »
Many thanks for the reply. I'm not sure what the whole sponsoring thing entails but we are arriving on May 27th and leaving on May 31st?

I think we are going to be best off and safest to get the passes there after having a think unless I get a positive report from someone about some they have bought elsewhere.

That's great news on the buses and means we'll manage to get the Magic Hours in whenever she wants!

I'll just keep my fingers crossed for the Forest of Enchantment show then by the sounds of things and hope we are close enough to "Summer" for it to be on whilst we're there as it looks like a great show.

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Re: Question on Shuttle Buses, Annual Passes & Forest of Enchantment
« Reply #3 on: January 21, 2017, 09:43:05 PM »
We have bought passes at the park and via supertrips. Both easy and no problems. If someone sponsors you they get a stamp, 3 = an additional year on their pass, ou get 10% off the price if your pass. Sometimes it is still cheaper to buy your annual pass ticket in the uk and swap it at the park for a card.
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