The Incredibles (2005)

Started by Anthony, November 23, 2004, 06:10:13 PM

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It's due out around now in the countries of most members on here:

UK 19 November 2004 (limited)
Belgium 24 November 2004  
France 24 November 2004  
Netherlands 24 November 2004  
UK 26 November 2004

So, once you've seen the film, tell everyone what you think!  My view's coming up soon...


WARNING: Very long and filled with waaaay too many compliments.  I've made sure there's no major spoilers though!

Well, i saw the film on Sunday and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since then - it's just SO. DAMN. COOL!!!  OK, so maybe it's just because I love superhero action movies, but I really do challenge you to not find this movie entertaining.  From the Walt Disney Pictures logo at the start to the Pixar logo at the end, this is just pure amazing, fantastic, stunning entertainment.  I don't want to over-hype the film since it might make your expectations too high, but i'm afraid it's impossible for me to give my opinions without doing so...

Simply stunny.  From the lovely aged film reels and interviews to the sheets of ice spun around the city from Frozone, it's an unexpected treat for the eyes.  And even with every character being a human, the animation still looks fluid and believeable.  You could say "Pixar can do near-real life animation now.  So what?" but I definately don't think the animation here is exactly like real life.  It presents such a stylised, fantastical world that it never seems pointless having the film done in 3D animation, and there's things here which never could have been done in 2D.  The amount of settings and scenes is impressive too, and each is designed so well that nothing seems out of place or there to simply show off what they can do.
EDIT: And if you have a cinema near you with a DLP digital projection screen - it's worth the extra drive!  I couldn't believe how great the film looked, it seemed to almost burst out of the screen!  DLP is *the* reason why cinemas won't die for many many years to come.

We've heard Pixar's motto of "story is king" so many times now, but here you can truly see they do follow exactly that.  The story is so clever and involving that even though the film nears 2hrs long there's never a dull moment and the way events earlier in the film link in to what happens later is very clever.  Basically, it puts Finding Nemo to shame with ease and shows that Pixar can most definately make a 3D animated movie which isn't a buddy comedy or road movie and this is possibly one of the most satisfying things about the movie.

Brilliant.  We get to know each character but don't spend too long with them.  The kids aren't annoying and the adults aren't boring.  The villain is truly believeable and the supporting characters (as ever) are fantastic.

I wasn't expecting a gag-a-second movie like Shrek 2, but the amount of subtle humour was very pleasing.  The jokes are clever and well thought out and i'm so terribly glad Pixar has saved the world of animation from simply a way of filling the screen with as many pop culture references as possible.  Definately proves mainstream animation doesn't always have to mean pure comedy.

Not very noticeable whilst you're watching the film, which I suppose is a good sign.  I suspect on a second viewing you'd notice it more.  The story and animation was way to engaging for me to worry about this, so I stayed during the end credits and the music was quite nice, definately fitting for an action movie anyway.

Well, what can I say?  I don't think I've ever written a post so positive in my life, but I really did love the movie that much.  From the amazing animation to the cool characters, spot-on voice acting and clever story, this is just simply pure entertainment from start to finish.  Plus it also includes a large section in a setting which looks right out of Thunderbirds... ahhh heaven!  Well done Pixar!  You let Brad Bird shine!  :D

Rating 5/5

Compared to the other Pixar films, it's definately above Finding Nemo and A Bug'd Life and probably on a level with Monsters Inc.  Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are still way too amazing to beat, but for it to even reach this level is... incredible.  I'll get my coat...  :wink:

PS: Apologies for this review being so ultra-positive, just don't let it get your expectations too high and you won't be disappointed. IMO if my expectations were that the film would lift me out of the cinema and fly me to the moon I wouldn't have been disappointed.  OK, i'll stop with the compliments now!  :lol:


God you really know how to write a review, can now see why you took english language.  :lol:   You have now pursuaded me to go and see the movie on Saturday.  Oh i can't wait  :D .


Well to be honest, I didn't like The Incredibles... at all.

I was really looking forward to this movie, but I got so bored during the story, I almost fell a sleep a few times.  I had one laugh, at the end of the movie.  

Why I didn't like it?  2 hours animated movie is a bit too long for me.  And the end was very predictable...  

But anyway, I know most people will disagree and enjoy the movie!  :)
I still prefer Toy Story 2, which is in my opinion, Pixar's best movie yet!


Well, I haven't seen "The Incredibles" yet and therefore haven't read Baloo's review... (the movie starts next week here...)

But now we could talk about "what's the best Pixar movie?"...

In my humble opinion, while all the Pixar movies are highly enjoyable, I'd actually rate the two Toy Stories (even if they had just amazing characters) as the weakest of the bunch... "a bug's life" was better, in my oppinion. Topped by "Nemo" and finally my all-time-favourite, "Monsters Inc."...

Don't know why "Toy Story" doesn't rate higher with me, but I just enjoyed all the other movies so much more...


Lol, I got the same feeling by The Incredibles.  It didn't do to me, what Toy Story 2 did!


I think it's going to be hard to put the Pixar films in order of how much I like them now, since The Incredibles is such a different film to not only what Pixar normally produce but what the whole world of animation normally produces.  Also, IMO all the Pixar films are 4stars+ and so there's really not that much in it, but here it goes:

1: Toy Story 2
2: Monsters, Inc.
2: Toy Story
3: The Incredibles
4: Finding Nemo
5: A Bug's Life


1. Toy Story 2
2. Finding Nemo
3. Monsters Inc.
4. Toy Story
45. The Incredibles


I am looking forward to seeing it tomorrow and so will see where it comes in my pixar list tomorrow night. :D


saw it Twice, love it! absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE IT! Baloo explained it gratly!

My top PIXar:

2. TOY 2
4. BUG's Life
Hug it out bitch !


I have now finally seen it, i have to say that it was brilliant.  I have to get it on Disney DVD when it comes out.  It however was a bit boring for the first 20 - 30 minutes i found.  I don't know about what you thought but nothing really happened and so i got very bored at that part.  By the way that was after they had been banished at the start.  So sadly it doesn't beat the Toy Stories, but i doubt anything of Pixar's ever will.
Here is my Pixar chart:

1. Toy Story
2. Toy Story 2
3. Monsters Inc.
4. The Incredibles
5. Bugs Life
6. Finding Nemo


Finally saw "The Incredibles" last night.

Well, this movie is just COOL. The characters, the set designs, all of those gadgets and the music. This is pretty much the best James Bond since the good old days of Roger Moore serving in her Majesty's Secret Service... The characters of the Parr family are wonderful, so is Edna Mode and Frozone... and of course Bob' boss.

The animation is absolutely stunning and can only described as "to infinity and beyond!". While watching, one starts forgetting that all of this is drawn. Amazing.

And one other thing: the German voices were just brilliantly casted. Great actors. I laughed so hard when I saw Bob's boss and he looked exactly like a famous German comedian -- and then this comedian actually gave his voice to that character!!! Wonderful...

But all in all, I'm afraid that "The Incredibles" is Pixar's weakest movie so far. Oh, it's still pretty good. But it feels unnecessarly long at times and the story seems quite weak to me. Which can probably be blamed on the villain, who was not really strong enough. And his motives were kinda lame. And then there were so many wonderful little story elements that were just not adressed. Like the thing with super heroes being sued for their actions. Or Jack Jack's super talents. Or the fate of super sexy Mirage.

Yes, I have to say that I was disappointed by "The Incredibles". Just because I'm used to Pixar being better. It was a wonderful film with a great new vibe (much more adult). But it was not as entertaining as Pixar's other movies and, which pains me more to say, not even as entertaining as this year's "Shrek 2"...