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Got back last night - highs and lows

Author Topic: Got back last night - highs and lows  (Read 2330 times)


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Got back last night - highs and lows
« on: May 07, 2016, 10:38:47 AM »
Hi everyone,
We arrived home after midnight last night from our 4 night stay in the Disneyland Hotel. I have never had a trip to Disney before with such an extreme swing from highs to lows. The highs were REALLY high and the lows were.. pretty sad.
So I'll do the lows first to get them out of the way:

1) The crowds on Thursday and Friday. It was a public holiday on Thurs so the parks were bursting at the seams both Thurs and Fri. I knew this before going but expected normal weekend traffic. This was like nothing I've experienced before. You couldn't even walk comfortably from one place to the next. Rides were out of the question. 45 minute queues for food and drinks. I feel gutted that 2 days out of my precious 5 were a washout and have resolved to only ever go there during term time/school time. That'll mean getting someone to cover for me at work (I work in a school) and taking the kids out of school but it's the only option. I am not doing those crowds again.

2)DS got burned by a random passer-by's cigarette. She apologised when he yelped but to be honest the harm was done. Why do people have to walk around in such tight crowds and smoke? It beggars belief.

3) The food at Planet Hollywood. Seriously, just don't even bother. The chips were limp, oily and soggy and the stir fry noodles had been deep fried (according to my chef husband). When you're paying 130 for a meal for 2 adults and 2 children you'd like to feel you've enjoyed the food?

Ok... the Highs!!

1) The Disneyland Hotel. I fear I will never stay anywhere else again. It was amazing to be right in the heart of Disneyland. Our room (1233) was the first one on the corridor just off the top of the stairs. We were up over the princess makeover area. We got pixie dust in our room of 3 chipmunk tsum tsums and 2 bottles of Vittel. The CM when giving us our room key also gave DS and DD a voucher each for a choice of autograph book, pin or ballooon. There was a random Elsa and Anna meet and greet in the lobby during our stay. The breakfast was fabulous. The staff were very friendly and courteous. The swimming pool while very small was clean and pleasant, the kids loved it. It was never that busy there. Outside the swimming pool is a lovely garden with loungers and a ping pong table. The CM at the pool reception organised the phone call from Mickey for my DD for her birthday when she saw her birthday sticker. This was lovely because City Hall hadn't done it.
The turndown service was lovely, a couple of times we were in the room when they came to do the turndown so they just gave us the chocolates instead :) We had a nespresso machine which was very welcome as we have one at home too, so we could have our usual coffee.  There was also a kettle and iron in the wardrobe.
The best part was exiting the park and walking straight in the doors of DLH, up the stairs and there was our room. Under 2 minutes from being in the park to being in our room. This was very welcome after Dreams.
I could go on and on about this hotel.... it was worth every cent I paid to stay there.

2) DD's birthday in Disneyland was magical from start to finish. She got happy birthdays everywhere. We did EMH and we stayed to the end of Dreams with a great spot near the front. We had dinner in Inventions which was fabulous, the characters made such a fuss of her. The food in Inventions was wonderful and again it was just such a treat to be in Inventions in the first place.

3) Small World. This was closed for refurbishing last summer when we were there so it all looked so fresh and new, it was fabulous.

4) Meeting Merida. DD's (and my!) favourite princess. DD sang the song to her as she had learned in in school and Merida was delighted. I managed to video it.

5) Jedi Training. The kids LOVED this and did some mean sword fighting too! A great experience for them to take part in.

6) The Forest of Enchantment. This was spectacular. A bit short (only 20 mins) but really, really awesome.. Tarzan was amazing!

7) Mary Poppins show. We all loved this as big Mary Poppins fans. We snagged spots in front of the stage and it was great to be so up close to the action.

8) The weather! Lovely dry, sunny weather all week. I did get a bit sunburnt on Thurs and Fri but nothing too major.

I think at's it if I think of any more I will update again :)


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Re: Got back last night - highs and lows
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2016, 11:35:12 AM »
It sounds a bit like the highs outweighed the lows. Crowds are almost unavoidable, and we can only go during school holidays now - sadly. Smokers are pains, some seem oblivious to the effects of their smoke, cigarettes and the smell. We've not eaten at Planet Hollywood the last 2 times we've been - I'd rather eat at a restaurant that's Disney themed and that my kids would prefer


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Re: Got back last night - highs and lows
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2016, 12:18:52 PM »
Thanks for sharing your report. Seems you had a great time.
I am glad that the highs outweigh the lows and am so glad that a really happy birthday was enjoyed. I had my 40th at DLP in November 2014 and I remember how special I was made to feel.
Glad to see that even though it does mean longer queues,  the parks seem to be busy and well attended. Hopefully this will continue for the remainder of the year and the special year next year!
Once again many thanks for your post!

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Re: Got back last night - highs and lows
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2016, 12:21:57 PM »
Sounds amazing!! I'm sorry about the crowds!

DLH is on the dream list and you have brushed away any doubt from my mind that it shouldn't be on the bucket list!!
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