Disney Dreams. What´s Different? Disapointment.

Started by extremusPT, March 07, 2016, 10:44:16 PM

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Hello magic people.

So i´m still preparing my report.

But 1st..i would like to ask you all this..
What happened to all the Disney Dreams fireworks?
I´ve been there february 2015, and i´ve been there now on 1st of March until the 4th.

Disney dreams was the most disappointing thing i´ve seen on this last few days. Almost no fireworks, only music and sparkles. Nothing compared to last years.

Can any of you tell me?


DLPWonders (Banned)

When the weather is bad or the wind is too strong, there's no fireworks and waterscreens.
When the weather is good, fireworks and waterscreens are there.
The rest is still exactly the same.
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