Reports: Man arrested with gun

Started by Slimy yet satisfying, January 28, 2016, 05:36:39 PM

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Slimy yet satisfying

BBC news reports that a gunman has been arrested at a Disney hotel.....!
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Hotel new York supposedly with 2 hand guns & ammo, put it through the security scanners!!! Not very bright but at least you know security measures are working. Are they testing the security? Why the hotels & not the parks? Woman with him ran off. He is unknown to police & intelligent services. Could just be a copy cat.

Guess its just wait & see time, I'm still going in July.


At least we know the security is working :)

We will still be going in July also.


Are there even X-ray machines at the hotels? I've read some places it was at the hotel, and others that it was at the park gates. Also his car has been found in the car park and has been cordoned off.


Sky news has it as being at the Hotel New York that's all I know

Maybe someone who was there recently can say if there was X-ray machines at the hotels


I just saw on Sky News that the man & woman have been arrested - and yes, Sky News is saying it's the Hotel New York.


I was right not to doubt on security at Disneyland Paris, very well done guys!


Yes there are X Ray machines at the hotels. We were there in November and they were putting all bag through the scanners.


I hope they continue to step up security in future, I've not been since the changes but does everyone have to go through one of these metal detector checks or do they choose people at random? If not then everyone should.

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I'm surprise that off site hotels don't have x-way machines. I'm heading to Disneyland soon as well in like a week.


There was an xray machine out by the front of the Sequoia Lodge, that all arriving guests had to use.

Whilst it's shocking, it's good to hear that their tight security measures are working and we'll worth it.

And yes there are xray machines under the new DLP by Fantasia gardens.


Thats good to hear of increased security at hotels too. Last time we where at HNY the only security was entering downtown not at hotel. Hope they are doing this for DLH too, we did no checks there at all in 2014.


Defo hotel New York. My friend was working when it happened.
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I go in 17 days and I'm staying in the HNY..

Well done to the security staff!


We were at the Hotel NY in Oct/Nov 15.  All luggage is xrayed upon arrival and anyone with hand luggage entering the Village from the hotel has to pass through security/xray to get in.  The security seemed pretty tight when we were there and I expect they will ramp it up even more now.  I can't wait to go back this year and this won't put me off!