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Started by graham150758, July 01, 2014, 10:34:52 AM

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We were let down big time by the shuttle transfer firm called Prestige PRIVATE Transfer when we visited DLP last week.  I just want people to be aware of their unreliability and that it could cost you unnecessary expense like it did us.

Firstly I want emphasise that this post relates to Prestige PRIVATE Transfer and not the other shuttle firms with similar names operating between CDG airport and Disneyland Paris.

We booked this firm before travelling and they seemed to be efficient in their business. They confirmed the booking and asked me to provide them with details of the flight numbers and times of arrival from Liverpool and the departure time from CDG a week later.

As I have posted on another forum, when we arrived they were not there to greet us but I spoke to another driver who was not with Prestige Private Transfer and he said that all the Prestige firms work together, which I thought rather strange as they are all rivals? He asked my name and got on the phone to someone. Anyway, 5/10 mins later a driver arrived with my name scribbled on a piece of paper, which he flashed towards me from the car window. Ok we had our transport, but who actually carried us remains a doubt.

For the first night we were staying in an Aparthotel in Val d ' Europe, which I had previously confirmed on the original booking. I thought it odd that the driver had to ask where we were staying? I paid the driver 65€ and he then asked me where and when we wanted picking up for our return journey. Again I found this strange because they had all this information when I confirmed the booking and as Figgygirl said on another forum, surely they should be telling me what time they intended picking us up and not the other way around?

During the week I emailed Prestige Private Transfer to confirm with them that they would be picking us up outside the The Sequoia Lodge at 16.30 hours, well in time for our flight at 19.40 hours. They did not reply so a day later I asked them to confirm that they had received my previous email to which I got a reply saying "Yes, it is all confirmed"

On Sunday (29th June) afternoon we waited for the pick up, which did not arrive. At 5pm I asked the hotel Concierge to ring Prestige Private Transfer to ask why they were late. The conversation went on for a couple of minutes and then the Concierge confirmed to me that they were not coming to pick us up. She then went on to say that they had us booked in for an pick up at 19.40, which is the time of the flight!! However, they had, on more than one occasion been given the times of the flights and the agreed pick up times.

We then had to book a taxi through the hotel, which cost me 105 €.

In my opinion, this firm are totally unreliable and as a consequence I had to pay an extra 45 € more than I had planned to get to the airport.

I have emailed them several times asking for an explanation and a refund of the extra money I had to pay for the taxi but they have ignored my emails and as a result I feel compelled to let people know how poor this company is.

I would certainly not book this firm again, nor could I recommend them to anyone else.


Sorry for your bad experience!  >:(

Could you give the site adress to this company, so that we know it is the one we mus not use in future?

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Cheers for the warning and sorry it didn't work out for you.
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It didn't really spoil the holiday.  I just want people to be aware that there are far better shuttle firms to choose that are far more reliable.


I had a bit of a bad experience with them too.

On my last trip in March my cousin and I had to travel to Disney separately due to her work commitments, so I booked her in with Prestige for the peace of mind of using a "proper" chauffeur driven car rather than hailing a cab. She was travelling alone and on the way to Disney the driver informed her there would be an additional €20 "night rate" charge, which I was not told about when I made the booking. Fortunately I had printed the receipt showing the pick up time and the total charge so when I met them on arrival at the hotel I was able to make the case and the driver didn't have a leg to stand on.

Simply trying to pocket a tax free tip if you ask me. I would not use them again.
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I had problems with this company too (supplement for night service)
I just wanted to inform you that the site is ranked first on Google for transfrs to Disneyland Paris thanks to your dofollow link.

The link should be changed to no follow or write the link otherwise: prestigeprivatetransferdotcom



Thank you for the heads up. Will definitely keep this in mind for future trips.. It is always good to know who to avoid.
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