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Started by NICKYMOUSE, December 28, 2014, 04:23:39 PM

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Hi,  I am travelling on 26th January for 4 nights with my 4 year old daughter and 10 year old niece.
Does anyone know if Anna and Elsa will still be in the PP by then or will it be back to the normal format?  Although my daughter adores Anna and Elsa she also loves Cinderella, Belle, Aurora and Rapunzal.  We will be dining at Auberge de Cendrillon so I know she will meet some there but is there anywhere else to spot a princess?  I don't mind queuing at PP a few times as long as the wait times aren't too bad.  Does anyone have experience of wait times etc in late January?  We visited in March this year and was quite busy but not too bad compared to some of the wait times others have mentioned.  I am hoping it will be even less in January.

Thanks in advance!!
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Anna & Elsa will be removed from the Princess Pavillion by then. Their last day is January 7th.
There are rumours that they will be placed in Frontierland later on, but this has not been confirmed yet.
It's very well possible that this (if this is even true) won't be until the start of the Spring festival.
So for now, you can't meet them after January 7th.

The other princesses will be going back to the Princess Pavillion, so you can find them their.
The Stars 'n Cars usually hosts some princesses as well, however this will end after the Christmas season.
So the only places to find princesses after the Christmas season will be Auberge de Cendrillon and Princess Pavillion.

Queues in January are very low. It really is the most quiet season of the entire year. So you have nothing to worry about.
Princesses will always be popular, so I think it'll be around half an hour queue time at the Pavillion.
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if the queues are really short, after you met a princess, you can go back in line. The CM will make sure you don`t meet the same one. They don`t tell you who is in there, but they do ask, wich princess you already saw!
And it is nice and warm in there!