Disney magic on parade time changed

Started by stevenlatham01, June 30, 2014, 02:05:12 PM

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Going to disney next week and want to book restaurants but have noticed that Disney magic on parade time changed from last year from 7pm to 17:30 this week. Will it change to 7pm next week? Or is this the new time?


That's odd, when I visited last September it was 17:30 so I've not known any different.


Think it's later because of the daylight being lasting longer in peak summer.

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Just noticed this, I'm going tomorrow and find it weird having Magic on Parade at 1730??? Its always been 1900 in Summer. In fact I was there on the 8th of July last year and it was 1900.

I don't like change haha.

Off topic I know but Main St refurbishment is really getting me down, I want it normal.
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