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Started by laylanmummyluvdisney, February 26, 2014, 12:55:29 AM

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My favourite characters are Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Maleficient and Belle. I've met Rapunzel in her old photolocation with Flynn: both were adorable, with Rapunzel asking me if I had seen Pascal since he'd gone hide-and-seek, while Flynn tried to flirt with me and later at the parade saw me in the crowd and winked at me...  :-[
I've always met Belle at the Auberge de Cendrillon and I wouldn't mind meeting her at the Pavillon too! But I've only watched Maleficient at parades: I wish I could go on Halloween only to meet her and Jack Skellington with Sally.
I also love Minnie and Remy, but those two aren't a problem for meeting them  ;) [size=78%]![/size]
However, I've had no luck with Alice or Mary Poppins: I hope this year I'm more lucky and meet them both. That won't be the case with Elsa and Vanellope though...
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I met Peter Pan last year and he was so much fun! I couldn't stop laughing! I also met Aurora at the PP and was pretty starstruck as she's one of my favourite princesses!

I am dying to meet Rapunzel as she's my favourite Disney character and princess, as well as Flynn Rider, Merida, Cinderella and Belle! Moving away from princess related meet and greets, I would love to meet Alice and the Mad Hatter (I kept such an eye out for them last year with no luck. Hopefully this will be the year!), Remy, Pluto (I've only ever seen him but so cuteee), Mary Poppins and Tinkerbell!
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