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Started by Princessjo, March 09, 2014, 06:38:56 PM

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Having visited numerous times and seen the scare photo op (only seen sully once in 21 trips!) does anyone know if there is a better presence following monsters university?

I also recently saw that they have pulled the car from the stars and the cars parade so not ben going to get a wave!

Have a very monster mad little boy who has seen the dlrp advert recently and keeps asking if we will see sully for his birthday (118 sleeps away....)
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DLPWonders (Banned)

Sulley is currently not doing any meets.
And indeed, the car is being pulled... it's currently in transformation for the Spring Festival cavalcade.
So unfortunately no opportunity to see Sulley anytime soon.

But the Monsters Inc. car for the Stars 'n Cars is probably just returning after the end of the Spring Festival.
That ends June 22nd, and then it needs a little time to transform back. So it might be back just in time.
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Fingers crossed!  Thank you  :)
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I've sadly heard that Monsters Inc won't be back in stars n cars, I think that and Snow White won't return, Mary will though
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This is so sad. My daughter loves monsters inc , we went 2 weeks ago and if you've seen the new advert for disney they show sully , he's the only character they show in clip, it's so misleading , as my ds  seen that a few days before going and was very excited to see him but were very disappointed there was no monster inc in the parade or stars n cars and no meet and greets yet that's all we seen was tons of monster inc toys for sale  all around the park. Don't get me wrong the trip was amazing but she was sad she didn't even get a glimpse of sulley
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I was just going to ask the very same question. Havnt seen sulley in ages :( such a shame when they have a spot to  a meet and greet in the stuidios where I'm sure many would happily que! My son being one of them!
We havnt long returned and I was hoping to see him and we didn't, bring back sulley!!