Disneyland Paris News & Rumours now in a single board!

Started by Anthony, September 29, 2014, 07:40:49 PM

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We thought about it. We pondered it. Then at last, we undid over 10 years of work.

Our general Disneyland Paris discussion is now in a single Disneyland Paris News & Rumours board!

The days of splitting topics into Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park and the general resort are over. From today, all existing topics from those three boards (dating back as far as 11th January 2004) have been merged into this single forum.

We hope you'll now find it much easier to browse and discuss the latest Disneyland Paris goings-on, with this one-stop page no longer meaning you need to click in and out of the separate boards or use the recent/unread posts pages to see a full list of the latest discussion points from the parks and resort.

Separate boards are of course still available for Trip Planning and other specific topics such as Characters and Merchandise, though these too have been rearranged and renamed to make things clearer and simpler.

Meanwhile topics from the previous Explorers Club travel board and Arcade des Visionnaires "games" board, both of which have not seen much use in over a year, have been merged into Blue Lagoon and those boards closed.

At the same time, I've continued to make a few subtle tweaks to the forum design:

• Board titles and Topic titles are now clearly displayed at the top of pages
• Added clearer Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons under the topic title
• Topic titles are now easier to read in bold on list pages
• Continued to remove the largely pointless "Moderators:" links which clutter up every board
• Linked the forum logo to the actual board index page, not the "portal" page (which can still be accessed by clicking Home)

If you have other suggestions, do let us know here!

By the way: We're aware of and looking into a general problem with making posts, where a 500 Internal Server Error might be returned.


How wonderful. I am looking forward at spending more time at this board.