The Incredibles Mini Land - Traction Avenue and 7th Street

Started by DisneyManiac, April 06, 2014, 02:44:00 PM

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So I had this idea last night for an Incredibles Mini Land after watching the film and well, here's the lowdown:

The Mini Land will be situated next to the Ratatouille Land, La Place de Rémy. The pathway leading to Traction Avenue, the hub area of the mini land, will probably be disguised as an Alleyway to block out the Imagineering Studios that guests walk by. Now onto the hub area...

Traction Avenue 

Traction Avenue is briefly mentioned in the Incredibles when they are locating the Omnidroid Version 10 which is part of Operation: Kronos. The only information we got regarding Traction Avenue is that it leads to Downtown Metroville, so when guests emerge from the Alleyway they are instantly step foot onto Traction Avenue, although something isn't right. No Vehicles are roaming the roads, in fact the whole of Traction Avenue is cornered off by the MPD (Metroville Police Department). Some shops are open for business, serving guests that enter, one attraction is situated in this Mini Land called Escape from *Nomanisan, the entrance to the attraction is down 7th Street which intersects with Traction Avenue, the entrance of the attraction is Metroville Travel Agency which holds some references from the Incredibles, for example, there is an advertisement for a series of jets, including India-Golf-Niner-Niner, the jet that Helen Parr flew to get to Nomanisan but was shot down by Short Range Missiles. After winding through the Travel Agency, NSA (National Supers Agency) Agents, or the CMs, direct the guests into a Storage Room where a projector has been set up and NSA banners don the walls. When guests are seated the Pre-Show begins... More Soon....   

* Nomanisan is a Disguised Remote Island that is actually Syndrome's Base.



The projector hums to life and a Warning shows up saying that what you are about to see is a live broadcast from the NSA Headquarters and that this video is Top Secret. Then Rick Dicker, a Government Agent of the NSA appears on screen. He begins his speech:

"Greetings, I am Rick Dicker, an Agent for the National Supers Agency, you getting this message because the NSA has requested your help personally, we are currently in a sticky situation, it turned out that Syndrome had survived the Jet Crash with severe cuts and burns and his Base Operations on a Remote Island called Nomanisan is back up and running. This is where you come in, I have now recruited you as Field Agents for the NSA and your first assignment is to investigate Nomanisan for any strange activity and report back before sundown, you are now going to be escorted to your Jets which will take you to Nomanisan, the Jets have High-Tech equipment that can make them shrink to any size. You don't have long, good luck!"