Plan for new attractions and upgrades for the next three years

Started by SMCD, September 30, 2013, 11:08:50 AM

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 I made this plan of what I would like to see announced as new attractions and upgrades to the two parks at the Paris resort for the next years. I tried not to make it too unrealistic economically, so there's not a complete revamp or big new lands included (and I used some of the rumors and ideas already out there);

Spring 2014:
WDS: Stark Expo – Hall of Armor (from Disneyland Innoventions) opens at the building that housed Armageddon (closes at the end of 2013)

Summer 2014:
WDS: Ratatouille E-ticket opens with a new mini-land. Toon Studio becomes Pixar Place with theming similar to the area in Disney's Hollywood studios to bind the area together. The area in front of Animagique is named Animation Courtyard.
DL: Mystic Rhythm from DisneySea opens at the Chaparral Theater.

December 2014:
WDS: Mickeys Philarmagic opens at the expense of Animagique.

Summer 2015:
DL: Star Wars mini-land opens at the back of Discoveryland with Star Tours 2.0, Jedi Academy in the location of the then closed down Captain EO, and Mos Eisley Cantina takes over Pizza Planet.
WDS: Hollywood Boulevard opens as a fully realized boulevard similar to the one in Disney's Hollywood Studios. The entrance to the Tram Tour is moved back, and the street stretches from the current buildings and back to the new Tram Tour entrance location with some new shops and kiosks, and a small exhibit showcasing models from the newest/upcoming Disney/Pixar movie release.
An improved Tram Tour opens with new props from movies like Star Wars (replica of a Walker), Indiana Jones and the Avengers. A new stunt scene featuring the Avengers is coming to the London set. The Tram Tour will be updated yearly with new stunt scenes/effects and props from newly released, relevant movies.

Summer 2016:
A TRON E-ticket based on the attraction Test Track from Epcot opens at Studio Backlot at WDS, featuring a soundtrack from Daft Punk.


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Great ideas. Although I'm sure I read that the building that hosts Animagique is too small to host Philarmagic due to it's curved ceiling. Personally I prefer a live show to 3D theater attractions which are less of a novelty nowadays anyway. So an update to Animagique would probably be better suited, maybe adding a scene from Tangled or Frozen.


Love these ideas!
I used to love the Studio Tram Tour, but I was so disappointed when the route had been majorly cut down in my last visit in October 2013.  I would love it if they restored it to its former glory.