Disney Dreams Best Spot To View

Started by loulou169, January 16, 2014, 08:04:24 AM

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It helps that I don't mind waiting to get a good spot. Yesterday I tried to get dead central so stood just to the left of the via roped off bit right at the front. Great view, oddly there weren't the fountains that get protected onto?!?
Tonight I pitched my spot on the first corner of the roped off bit (adventure land side), great view and all you miss is Wendy.
Where shall I stand tomorrow...


Ooo decisions, decisions! Lol I've read that plaza gardens fountains is a good spot! Oh and I was listening to one of Dedicated to Disney podcast and her mentioned the entrance to adventureland and another one when he interviewed the fella who set up dreams! I'll have another listen and let you know x
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