Hotel Refurbs

Started by TechnicalMarvel, January 29, 2014, 10:12:05 AM

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Not sure if this is knowledge yet, but I have it confirmed that After Newport Bay's refit, Hotel New York is up next then Cheyenne.  Im guessing seeing as Santa Fe is Cars themed, Cheyenne is going to be Woody???


It would be great if Cheyenne was! What will New York be?
Newport Bay Club- 2006
Ranch Davy Crockett - 2007
Hotel Santa Fe - 2015


sorry lol i wasnt given that information.   Incase anyone is wondering, i got this from Euro Disney SCA Corporate office, as I emailed the CEO to thank them to thank them for a fantastic trip, ask them a few questions and to mention a couple of members of casts names as they were imo outstanding.  They were really chuffed to hear my comments and even given me a free VIP behind the scenes tour on my next visit which I wasn't expecting.

I asked them if small worls was due for a refit as when i went on it, several bits werent working including one of the fountains out front.

I also asked them about the geysers up on boot hill that used to shoot water up when i first went back in 1992 that werent working in October 2013, and also what happened to the effects where the water splashed up next to the boat on POTC when cannons were fired.