Disneyland Paris UK character auditions!

Started by beccabrayton, January 03, 2014, 12:05:59 AM

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Hello guys! [/size]I am literally brand new to this site, and I joined because I'm going to the Disney Character, Parade and character Look Alike performer audition in Leeds on the 12th of January! So I was just looking for any other people that might be going? Just because I'm going on my own and I'd love to get to know if anyone else was going too! Just so at least I'd (kinda) know someone there 


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Ah your so lucky! if i didnt have two kids and 32 Id LOVE to do that!! lol Good luck with the auditions and hope you find someone to go with with.

P.S Do you know who you are apply to be or who you think you may look similar to?

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I'll be going. I've auditioned before in Leeds and failed, but you never know. ^_^ By all means say hi if you recognize me (I have orange-blonde hair atm, with Anna's fringe)
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Hey, I'm going to the London auditions on Wednesday, is anyone else going?xx


I know they have just had auditioned last month, but does anyone know (from previous experience) if they are likely to audition again in the UK for summer contracts?

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