[FILM] The Dark Side of Hollywood - WORKING TITLE

Started by DisneyManiac, December 13, 2013, 11:03:45 PM

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So remember the film called Tower of Terror based on the Disney Hollywood Studios attraction? If not watch it!

So I was thinking why not make another with a similar concept but a different plot.

Plot - May be edited

Ever since Hollywood was created, unfinished or unused film scripts or ideas were chucked away, but where did they end up? To the West of Hollywood lies the Dark Side of Hollywood, an overgrown junk-yard of movie-making. How was the land created? Well back in 1939, amidst the glitz and the glitter of a bustling young movie town at the height of it's golden age stands the Hollywood Tower Hotel, a beacon for the show business elite. But when an unexpected storm engulfed the hotel, a bolt of lightning sent 5 people aboard an elevator to their doom. Ever since that unfortunate event, the hotel has remained derelict. Over the years, abandoned ideas and films have became residents of Dollywood (Dark Side of Hollywood). The only thing that separates Dollywood from the rest of the world is a forcefield of powerful electricity. When a father of 3 has an opportunity to work at Los Angeles, he jumps at the chance. His employer hires a private jet to take them from their home-town of San Jose to Los Angeles International Airport. But before approaching the airport the jet's turbines strike the electric forcefield bringing the jet to crash land into Dollywood thus trapping them. They rush to the now-abandoned Hollywood Tower Hotel before Sundown because when the jet crash landed something took over the jet's speakers and warned the family to get to the hotel before sundown to escape the 'Lost Archives' AKA the abandoned films and ideas. After uncovering the story of the Hollywood Tower Hotel they realise how to restore fame to the hotel and make Dollywood a better place. But making things right is going to take alot of guts and glory and a shed-load of quick thinking.

This film is based upon the story of the Hollywood Tower Hotel at Walt Disney Studios. A new section is added to the hotel:

The Caverns


Beneath the foundations of the hotel is the Caverns, a group of uncharted, various caves and tunnels. The Caverns are only accessible by accessing the Hotel's storage room and uncovering the blown out wall (created by the impact of the elevator, which can be seen from the Coal Elevator hidden in a small cave), step aboard the Coal Elevator, don't worry this one doesn't freefall, which takes you down to the Caverns.



just to let you know that DOLLYWOOD already exist as a park owned by Dolly Parton


Ooh right, thanks jax, it is only a working title