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Just imagine that the hollywood boulevard was further extented and at the back you had an attraction called xtreme movie tour, incorporating the studio tram tour, making it a totally out of this world experience.
Just use your imagination and see what you get when you mix the studio tram tour together with the great movie ride:

The Muppet part

(guests enter a backstage area,left and right we see parts of a backstage part of a stage in a theater)
(Kermit comes walking up on the right side and startles)

Kermit: Oh hi (looks in the audience and then to the CM)
              Gosh, was the tour scheduled today?

CM: Yes Kermit, briefing was yesterday

Kermit: I remember the bad coffee, couldn't drink it with those two mouse ears...
             Darn, we're just minutes away from our show

(Miss Piggy comes walking on with a strut on the left side)

Piggy: Frog !!! We gotta talk about this script, there's not enough moi in it and...

(Piggy notices the tour tram)

Piggy: Oh....( changes her known moodswing) euh....hahaha...I didn't know vous were here to see moi

Kermit: euh Piggy, these people are here for the tour

(Piggy is disturbed)

Piggy: Not for me? (angry)

(a canon rises next to Kermit with Gonzo in it)

Gonzo: Kermit, I adjusted it, it should go if without a hitch

(Gonzo, fires the canon, flies over the tram tour and arrives on Miss piggy, knocking her over)

Piggy: Gett of me buster!!!

(both Gonzo and Piggy stand up again)

Gonzo: Sorry about that Miss Piggy

Piggy: Gonzo, you've got something on your nose

Gonzo: really!!! Cool what is it?

Piggy: your face

(she slaps Gonzo and he flies into the air arriving a little further)

Piggy: No one fools around with moi

(Piggy takes off)

Kermit: Folks, I'm sorry but you gonna have to move ahead, driver could you get them going?

CM: Okay Kermit

(the tram tour drives a little bit further but arrives at a kitchen on the right side where the swedish chef is preparing something)

Chef: (song) heudeheudeheu heu whoop whoop, for stew we needs the fishies in the bowl. We start by putting flower in the bowl

(Flower creates a dust cloud)

Chef: Ow, flower flies allover the fish

(Fishtrower arrives on the left side)

Fishtrower: Did someone mention flying fish???

(Fish gets thrown from left to the right side, tram rides under it and people get a little wet)

Fishtrower: sorry for the wetness, they were captured freshly this morning in the seine,

(Fozzie shows up on the right side)

Fozzie: ahh, wacka wacka that's funny...here's another one...why did the chicken cross the road?

(french chickens appear around him suddenly)

Fozzie: euhm...pour arriver a l'autre partie de la route?

(chickens attack him)

Fozzie: I guess the joke really doesn't work in france

(Kermit and Gonzo appear again but this time on the left side)

Kermit: Folks the show is about to start...

Gonzo: Yesss and it'll be me in the finale? I've hidden the trigger of my cannon under Animals drum

Kermit: No Gonzo, you can't do that....

(we see a curtain lift on the right hand side, Gonzo & Kermits voices become inaudible  and the showtune plays of the muppets, it gets interrupted by a drum ruffle by animal and his last drum ignites a not visible cannon. We see Gonzo fly though the air and arriving overhead of the tram in the cubicle where Statler & Waldorf sit, they get covered with feathers of the chickens that assist Gonzo)

Statler: Wauw these shows with feathers become more and more in your face,

Waldorf: no wonder... we're in  France
(both laugh and the tram tour drives under them away into a new scene)
The Star Wars Part

(we arrive in a dark part, left and right are futuristic sets, two droids from the phantom menace arrive on the left side and speak in a computerized voice to the CM)

Droid: Halt, what is your destination and where are you taking these humans?

CM: we come in peace, this is a studio tour

Droid 2: studio tour?....that does not compute...hold...you are under arrest!!!

(the voice of Yoda speaks from the right side as he suddenly jumps out on the right side)

Yoda: Harm them, you will not!!

(green fiberoptics shoot out of Yoda's hand towards the droids and they explode)

Yoda: safe you are not in these surroundings, great danger I sense

(the emperors voice booms over the speakers, as he arrives where the two droids just stood)

Emperor: pityful fools, your powers are no match for the dark side of the sith, it was I who instructed to build this contraption, oh, I'm afraid you're all going to die (says it with a smirk)

Yoda: overcompetant you are of the dark side

Emperor: your trust in your friends is your own

(the emperor tries to electrify the driver but yoda shoots green fiberoptics towards the red electricity and it becomes a clash)

Yoda: Safe, you can pass but hold him I cannot for long

CM: Thank you master Yoda

(while the battle continues the tram moves on only to encounter stormtroopers and darth vader on the left hand side)

Darth Vader: the power of your vehicle is no match for the force

(he holds out his hand and the tram comes to a sudden stop)

Darth Vader: troops, take these traiters as hostage

CM: Not while I'm alive

(the CM has a light sabre and a duel starts between him and Darth Vader, on the right side rebels come up and start shooting laser beams at the storm troopers)
(darth Vader uses the force to throw the CM back at it's post)

Darth Vader: I have bigger issues then to deal with you at this time, troops to your battle stations

(a big AT walker comes out of hiding on the left side and starts shooting at the rebels)

CM: guests, lets make the jump to lightspeed  to get us out of here

(the tram continues in a dark tunnel)

CM: counting for light speed...3,2,1

(we get to see the same effect as in star tours when the jump to lightspeed is made and the tram goes a little faster so it creates the effect of light speed and we enter another set)

The Pirates part

(after the jump to lightspeed we arrive in complete darkness, we hear water from both sides,
the moon appears and we see that from both sides that we are like in the middle of an ocean)
(effect can be done as in Universal Hollywood where the waters part and you drive through the sea)

(a ship floats towards the right side with Jack Sparrow on it)

Jack: Ahoy mateys, looks like you're lost at sea.... savvy?

CM: Yes it appears to be this way

Jack: the name is Sparrow, Captain Jack Sparrow, Not to worry my friends, my compass will guide you through these troubled waters...Now if only I can find the wretched little thing.

(the black pearl comes in from the left side and Capt Barbossa is on it)

Barbossa: Arghh, you'd be looking for this Jack?

(Barbossa holds the compass in his hand)

Jack: That be exactly what I was looking for...now hand it over.

Barbossa: Oh come on now Jack, we both know I can't let you have it

Jack: please?

Barbossa: No (in a teaseful way)

Jack: Pretty please then...ehh?

Barbossa: this is to much of value worth Jack, who are these landlubbers?

CM: we're stranded

Barbossa: Hah, in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight. Part of your crew Jack?

Jack: as a matter of fact, I was just about to help them

Barbossa: you help someone? Come on jack you're trying to take me for a trip on a turtle?

CM: Look we really need to get away from this place.

Barbossa: not to worry laddies, Maybe Davy Jones can help?

(Barbossa blows on a horn)

Jack: This can't be good, hang on to your hats & swords my friends.

(a smoke curtain appears in front of the tram, Davy Jones appears on it)

Davy: who dares to awaken my slumber?
Jack: That would be him (pointing at Barbossa)

Davy: why have you called upon me?

Barbossa: this little crew here says they are stranded, maybe we can fulfill there wishes and send them to the bottom of the sea, enough sand there, besides you'd be needing a new crew for the flying dutchman

Davy: excellent, I'd be sending you down davy Jones Locker in no time,

Jack: Gentlemen let's not be too hasty, I still have something that belongs to Mr Jones

(Jack holds out Davy Jones heart)

Davy: Where did you get this?

Jack: Found it off the coast of la Isla Muerta, should have hidden it a little better...savvy?
Now if you don't mind sending me an my friends on our way again?

Barbossa: I'll get you for this Jack

Jack: Oh and Mr Jones, if you wouldn't mind taking the pearl and my compass back from underneath Barbossas feet so I get to be on my own ship again following the right course

(Davy Jones gurgles and a tunnel of water (think Island of Adventure Poseidon Fury) appears.The Tram passes through and a projection on the side appears of jack sailing away with the pearl watching his compass)
(we still hear Barbossa shouting)

Barbossa: I'll get you for this Jack Sparrow, if it's the last thing I do...

(the tram arrives in another set)

The Indiana Jones part

(we arrive at an aztec temple, to the left there is a ramp that is descending from left to right)

CM: I believe we have arrived in an aztec temple folks, and if my eyes don't deceive me...no, it can't be...it shouldn't...

(in the middle of the ramp a cilinder pops up with a golden disc, the tram has come to a full stop in this part)

CM: Mickey's been missing this disc for the longest time....excuse me folks, in case anything happens, I put the tram on remote

(the CM leaves the tram and dissapears behind some rockformation, only to arrive a few seconds later dressed as Indiana Jones, only it's a stunt double  that acts as the CM and does his movements while he speaks, he's also on the ramp so people don't really notice the difference)

Indy: and that is what we call...Disney magic

(moves towards the statue)

Indy: now if I can only exchange this little sand bag with the disc...(weighs it) about the same weight...

(here we get the same beginning scene with the ball as the Indiana Jones adventure from  Hollywood studios)
(while the ball is running behind him he mutters)

Indy: tram, go remote (uses a remote control)

(the tram starts to drive and arrives in another set)
(the set is that one of the temple of doom  on our right side where we see a woman( puppet) lying on a grate above fire)

Woman: Indy!!!

( we see Indy running in front of the set from right to left with the ball still running behind him)
Indy: I'm a little busy right now sweetheart

(he jumps up a platform and the ball runs offstage, presses the remote and the tram stops)

Woman: Help me Indy

Indy: and I thought you said you liked it hot

(he release the woman (takes up the puppetwoman on his shoulder) and from every part of the set we see aztec people blowing poisonous darts at them)

Indy: this is going to be riskier then I thought

(a few stakes come out as well (see Indy andventure) while Indy tries to avoid the darts and while leaving the scene, he pushes the remote, the tram leaves the building as well, arriving in the open air on the former catastrophe canyon)

Woman: Now how are we gonna get out a here Indy? (stand at the left side)

Indy: first things first (presses the remote and the tram stops) still a cast member that takes care of his guests, right folks?

(we see Indy latching on a rope and sliding from the top left to the lower right of catastrophe canyon) with the puppet still attached to him)

Indy:  thank God for those explosives I laid around

(the aztecs arrive on the left side and keep shooting darts at Indy)

Indy: and this is what we do when it gets too tense

(explosives explode and a few aztecs fall from the rockwork)

Woman: They are still getting through

Indy: Not to worry darling, it's all under control

(an aztec holds a gun and shoots at Indy, shooting his hat off)

Indy, well almost

(Indy presses the remote and a big explosion starts and the whole waterworks start at catastrophe canyon)
(when the waterwork stops, we see the CM in his formal dress again, hopping on the tram)

CM: What? Did you think we were gonna take her along the tour? Mickey will be so happy we got his disc back, let's go folks, still lots to see

(the tram leaves Catastrophe Canyon and enters the building again)


 The OZ Part

(The tram arrives in a dark building, the ride slows down and wind is starting to blow)
(suddenly we see lightning and rain on the left side and a twister forming from the ceiling to the ground, all in sepia tones, effect can be done with right lightning and a funnel that can stretch)

CM: Oh my God, it's a twister

(from the right we hear a voice and suddenly see that a hot air balloon is rising on the right side, in it is the magician OZ, balloon is also in sepia colors)

OZ: Oh no, we're flying right into it!!!

(the balloon flies over the tram, guests get a little wet (contraption on the bottom of the basket of the balloon holds water) and wind keeps blowing)

OZ: why didn't I choose a proper job....NOOOO!!!!

(the balloon encounters the twister, everything goes dark apart from a few lightning strikes, the tram moves on to the second part of OZ)

(light goes on and we see munchkinland bathing in sunlight and color on the right side)
(a lot of munchkins are singing)

CM: I don't think we're at the Disney studios anymore folks

(OZ rises from the left side and the flying monkey comes flying in)

Monkey: greetings oh Great OZ, we have prayed for your arrival

(the china girl walks towards him as well)

China Girl: thank you for putting me back together again, you truly are magical

OZ: Well...hmmm...If you say so

(a thundering crack is heard and suddenly the wicked witch from the West arrives on her broom, dark laughing, flying from left to the right part behind a wall (the broom has black smoke) to suddenly reappear on a stage with smoke on the right side)

Witch: He might have put you together but has broken my heart, remember me Wizard?

OZ: Theodora, I'm sorry I didn't mean to

Witch: No, you didn't (sarcastic voice) just like I didn't mean to set the houses  on fire

OZ: which  houses?

(the Witch casts a spell and a few houses start burning)

Witch: these houses! hahahahaha (smoke appears and we see the witch leave the platform and flies on her broom now from the right side to the left and out of sight )

(munchkins start to tame the fire with water)

OZ: fellows

Munchkins: we're munchkins

OZ: alright, alright...munchkins, is there anything I can do?

Munchkins: just find Glinda, the good witch, she'll be able to help you

OZ: right...and where can I find this Galinda?

Munchkins: Glinda! Not Ga-Linda with a GA (little joke from the musical Wicked)
Just follow the yellow brick road

OZ: follow the yellow brick road?

Munchkins: do you seriously wanna hear us sing that song again!!!

CM: YES PLEASE!!! (is suddenly aware how silly he sounds) Sorry I was always a big fan of the first movie

(the song starts, OZ, Monkey and China Girl start leaving and the tram moves in a deep forest)

The Avatar part

(the tram goes into the forest and arrives at a science fiction facility, a man is laying in a cryogenic chamber and an animatronic of Sigourney Weaver stands next to it)

Sigourney: Now, when you wake up, you won't be in your body anymore but neurologically linked with your Avatar.

(the chamber closes and we hear engines turning on and everything goes black)

Avatar: Where am I? should I open my eyes?

(the lighting goes on and off like someone was blinking his eyes)
(the forest has changed into a nighttime spectacular with lots of neon lights and phosperessence lighting)
(the Blue Avatar is running through the wood, tram follows)

Avatar: Woohoo, I can walk, I can run, this is great !!

(Avatar comes suddenly to a halt, so does the tram, to see the avatar girl on the other side)

Avatar girl: Come with me newborn , there is lots to see

(they both run, tram follows, and arrive at the special tree where all other avatars sit on their knees praying )

Avatar girl: This is Gaya, the life force on this planet...all is connected to this tree

(no more dialogue, we hear whimsical music and the prayers from all avatars, the tram just continues it's journey while guests witness the beautiful surroundings)

( a stage door opens and we have arrived at the London set)


 The Marvel part

(the tram arrives in open air behind the setup of London, which has now been remodelled so it looks like a dune landscape)
(Thor arrives, popping up behind a dune)

Thor: you guys shouldn't be here, there's danger ahead

Cm: That's alright we've had our fair share of bad situations

(Dr doom arrives popping up from a further dune)

Doom: Well then it wouldn 't hurt to have some more things falling on your vehicle

(Dr Doom lets a big rock come tumbling down towards the tram but Thor unleaches his hammer to throw the block off its path crushing into Dr Doom, the hammer is some sort of boomerang and arrives back in the hands of thor)

Thor:  that was close, better get going

Cm: yeah alright, we'll just turn round for some tea in London

Thor: No you can't, there's a big battle going on there

(the tram gets in motion and turns around the wasteland into the fallen down London set)

CM: Oh my God, it's worse then I imagined

(the tram drives around the big hole in the ground and iron man flies out of it)

Iron man: you guys really don't know what you're getting yourself into

(he flies higher and the flame of fireshoots out after him)

Iron man: just go, this isn't the time to become best friends

CM: well i can't get anything between that

(the tram drives away while we here explosions in the back)
(Captain amercia stands for the closed doors that lead us back into the building)

America: I'll open these doors for a little while but I won't be able to hold them open much longer so make some speed will you?

Cm: Ayay captain

(the tram drives throught the doors, a big explosion can be heard and the doors slam shut  and we are in complete darkness

The Nightmare before Xmas part

(still in complete darkness, suddenly we see Jack Skellington above the tram tour with a bright light on him)

Jack: Missed me, I knew you would!
         Welcome in our little town called Halloween

(the drapes that have been hanging around the tram enroll and we are in Halloweentown, music is playing from 'this is Halloween')
(we pass by certain scenes, most of the creatures known from the film are here and there)

Dr Brain: let me give you a piece of my mind, I have plenty to spare

The Mayor: only a few more days till next halloween (his head turns and we get the sad face)
we have to hurry!!!

(the dog is being projected in front of the tram leaping from left to right)

(witches fly with their brooms over the heads of the people on the tram, a little wind passes over them)

Witches: Pardon our wind, we have to hurry

Vampires: Quick before someone sucks the life out of us

Sally: No don't go that way that's the house of oogie Boogie

(we arrive at a house with lock, stock and barrel in front of it)

Lock, stock & barrel: Whatever you do don't wake up oogie boogie

(the tram drives through the doors and arrives in complete darkness again, suddenly we see a russian roulette in front of us turning while Ooogie Boogie jumps out in front of it)

Oogie Boogie: So...you thought you could outscare me...well... let me give YOU some scares!!!

(He claps his hands and all turns black, while the tram drives through, guests get hairlocks all over them as if driving through cobwebs and gushes of wind get through from all sorts of places, we hear Oogie boogie laughing)

(the tram arrives in another soundstage)

The Tron part

(again, the tram is in complete darkness)

CM: I don't like the look of this

(on the sides and in front of the tram we get huge video screens)
(we see lights traveling on the screen travelling at different speeds forming a grid)

(in front a face is formed from these different lights)

Mainframe : you have accessed the mainframe of this tour, strictly forbidden and of limits

CM: we were framed by oogie Boogie

Mainframe: this does not compute...you will be deleted

(a figure from the side video screen appears)

Tron: not if I can help it, guests follow me

(a lightcycle bike is formed and as Tron starts to ride the bike , the tram gets into motion creating enormous speed by the action that happens on the video screens)

Mainframe: Tron you will not get away with this, megabytes follow them

(an intricate race starts with light effects, lightcycles crashing, small explosions, until Tron is alone and stops his lightcycle, he steps in front of the mainframe)

Tron: it's time for an upgrade

Mainframe: you don't have enough power to override my circuits

CM: But I might

(the CM steps from the tram tour and stands next to the projected Tron. He takes Mickeys disc and pushes it in fron of the mainframe)

CM: Upgrade this!

(The Disc ignites an extreme light that blows the mainframe away)

Tron: Thank you stranger, better take this disc to its proper user

(Tron drives off with its lightcycle and the CM steps back on the tram)

CM: you heard Tron folks, lets go and see Mickey

(the front screen goes up and we see an animatronic of Mickey on a mountainpart dressed as the sorcerers apprentice, the tram drives sidesways and the CM steps off the tram handing over the disc to Mickey)

CM: I think this belongs to you Mickey,

Mickey: Gee, thanks pal, hope you didn't get into much trouble for getting it back to me?

CM: ...neh, not really

Mickey: Well folks, I hope you enjoyed the tour and maybe we'll see eachother later on, just remember anything can happen here,

(Mickey waves his disc and on a frontscreen we see cinderella castle appear as in the movies just before any disney movie starts, the tram drives through the gates and we arrive at the unloading part)


well that's the tour, after this you get to a museum where props, models and costumes from all kinds of disney movies are. After this the typical gift shop  with some memorablia of movies, some cheap and some authentic (expensive :-))))
hope you liked it