Contest: Win a stay at Hipark Résidences! CLOSED

Started by Kristof, October 21, 2013, 06:58:19 PM

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I've decided to extend the contest by one day due to the technical issue with the reminder mail on Friday.  You still have time to participate by sending the correct answer to  Remember, you HAVE to like the Hipark facebook page.

Good luck!


Great contest, hopefully the first of many for our amazing forum. Keep up the great work Kristof! Glad for the extention, just got back from a great weekend at DLP and planning going back again a soon as possible  =) ºoº

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I would have entered if LIKING a Facebook age was not part of the conditions of entry.
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Quote from: Kristof on October 21, 2013, 06:58:19 PM

Dear magicforum users!

Thanks to Hipark Résidences we'll be hosting our very first magicforum contest! One of our users here can win:

1 night* in a Hipark Résidences Serris-Val d'Europe suite for 4 persons!

About Hipark Résidences
With its assertively contemporary and refined design, this residence's primary aim is to be comfortable, practical and pleasant to live in. Within easy distance to Disneyland® Paris, La Vallée Village shopping mall and to a large number of stores and services, a choice of 210 apartments is available for your short, medium and long-term stays.

To take part in the contest you must do the following:

  • Like the Facebook page of Hipark Résidences Serris-Val d'Europe (link)
  • Be a registered magicforum member
  • Send your answer to the question below, along with your first and last name, a valid e-mail address and your magicforum username to:

Question: What's the name of Miss Harvest 2013 as seen in Mickey's Halloween Celebration cavalcade?

The winner of the contest will be verified after the contest closes if he or she likes the Facebook page of Hipark.

Small print regarding the price:

* Excluding Saturday evenings and bank holidays.
* Stay must be booked before 15 March 2014.
* Does not include park tickets.
* The provider of this contest is Hipark Résidences. magicforum is not responsible in case of a cancellation for any reason.

The contest will close on Sunday 27 October 2013  MONDAY 28 OCTOBER 2013 AT MIDNIGHT (Paris time). A winner will be drawn from the correct answers.

There is no country limitation! Feel free to participate, however only one entry per magicforum user will be allowed.


Always interesting to see the people that are just able to read one sentence, but thee thre lines before that are way to much to read and understand.


Thank you for participating! The winner will be announced live from Disneyland Paris coming Thursday!!

DLRP Roundup!

Quote from: Kristof on October 29, 2013, 07:06:51 AM
Thank you for participating! The winner will be announced live from Disneyland Paris coming Thursday!!

Spooky stuff ;)
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Over 130 entrees for the contest! Remember the winner will be announced tomorrow, live from Disneyland Paris!

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DLRP Roundup!

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