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Started by martythepooh, October 18, 2013, 12:53:46 PM

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captain rocket

Just a point, the castle stage is very much still there it's the seats that have gone! Last week the stage was set up with the giant Mickey Pumpkin and I am sure it could be used again if the will and the finance were there.


Quote from: captain rocket on October 21, 2013, 03:01:34 PM
Just a point, the castle stage is very much still there it's the seats that have gone! Last week the stage was set up with the giant Mickey Pumpkin and I am sure it could be used again if the will and the finance were there.

I know the castle stage is still there and the seats have gone, but it's not used for stage shows anymore. Giant Mickey Pumpkins and bands playing at certain times of the year or even a meet and greet area with the characters yes, but not stage shows which they've had on in the past, Winnie the Pooh and Mickeys Magic Book spring to mind.
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captain rocket

Well, I think you are being pessimistic, Mickeys Halloween treat in the street was on last year and is rumoured to have been dropped this year on a financial basis. The fact that the stage is still set up leads me to believe it may be used again in the future! None of this makes the fact that there are no live shows, something Disney are famous for, any easier to accept.
Norhel, I think it was, posted minimal details of a trip to Walt Disney World with most of the parks showing at least one live show. We really are the poor relations in Europe and I know that we have the most beautiful park in the Disney World but there should still be at least one live show in my opinion.
The quality of this years Halloween parade fills me with hope, so lets see what the Christmas season brings, if this is as good as Halloween then i will have a lot more confidence in the future.


I'm sorry if i sound pessimistic, i certainly don't mean to. :)  I would like to see shows back on in the Chaparral theatre in the future when budgets allow and in Videopolis if possible. I'm talking about shows like Mulan, The Lion King and Tarzan, i don't think the Castle Stage would be suitable for productions on that scale, not least because of the weather. The fact that Disney have removed the seats leads me to think that. But i like to see the castle stage used.
As you said there are no live shows on in Disneyland Park at the moment, i think the reason for that is the budget has gone on Disney Dreams which is a blockbuster show, on nightly and Disney can reach a bigger audience with it, unlike Tarzan in the Chapparal Theatre and The Lion King in Videopolis.
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captain rocket

The seats in the theatre were removed due to "health & Safety concerns" apparantely they were worried about children tripping and hurting themselves when they jumped from seat to seat! In my opinion the person in control in health & safety for children concerns should be the parents/responsible adults but, hey its the way of the world these days!


I will honestly say that I love and don't mind the festivals - I only starting going at the end of the New Generations festival and then seeing it through to the Magical Moments and to me - it didn't mean anything other than mini shows, special meet and greets and all that.
If they did more  - I don't mind since it's a good marketing scheme.

Also, the one I think Paris would benefit from is WDW's and Cal's "The Year of a million dreams" offering special things to guests like fast-passes, castle suit stays, private meet and greets ect.
Stuff like that people like because they would take the opportunity to possibly win something on their holiday.

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I agree with that, itd be a nice thing to do
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It is so much better, that there is not going to be a special theme!
They have to bring back the carnaval and easter seasons in the park.


Seasons would be good.  Little parades themed and theming through the park. I'd like that.

Plus more shows - I really want to see the Pooh one!!! ;D