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Started by GeoffD, September 30, 2013, 11:54:19 PM

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DLP Town Square is a website dedicated to Disneyland Paris's Past, Present and Future.

We love to dwell on the past through our 'Rewind' series of articles covering such subjects as the Tour de France in Disneyland Paris, the timeline of Gare de Marne-la-Vallée Chessy and much more. The aim is to present an article every few weeks about an aspect of Disneyland Paris that perhaps you have forgotten (or is relevant to the time of year).

We celebrate the present through our 'Coup de Coeur' articles, here we take a virtual 'walk through' of an attraction or experience in Disneyland Paris explaining what makes us love it so much. We also cover current topics, and give thoughts on what goes on in the resort. (For example, we recently wrote an article on Light'Ears).

We look to the future by covering the latest news, and sometimes even speculate what might happen eventually to our resort. For bigger projects we keep trackers, for example at the moment we run a Christmas tracker.

I also run a twitter account where I would love to discuss Disneyland Paris with you. Follow me @dlptownsquare

www.dlptownsquare.com - Disneyland Paris: Past, Present and Future.

(For some reason, I never really thought of putting this on here. From now on, I'll keep you updated on our biggest articles. - I do hope to chat with some of you on Twitter, and, of course, here on Magic Forum!)


Looking good! I will certainly follow your website and twitter.
My previous Disney trips:
Tokyo Disneyland: March 1998
Walt Disney World: March 2008 /*\ New Years 2011 /*\ April 2013 /*\ October 2015
Disneyland Paris: September 2013 /*\ July 2015
Disneyland California: August 2016 (Honeymoon)

Upcoming trips:
Disneyland Paris: Spring 2020?
Walt Disney World: 2021 or 2022
Hong Kong Disneyland: -
Shanghai Disneyland: -


Last week I launched the new look DLP Town Square

New features include easy access to rewind articles, a ratatouille project tracker, a pin trading poster gallery (work ongoing on completing that!) and more!

I'd love to hear what you all think, and if anything needs improving.