Phantom Manor POV ride-through and Story Explanation Video

Started by Ezra, March 19, 2014, 07:02:54 PM

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Phantom Manor ride-through video my friend and I put together, Hazel filmed it, I edited it... and I've finally uploaded it! Actually there are two versions... this would be the basic ride-through version;

And here's the extended version with me explaining the story in the queue and in Boot Hill. Hazel was kinda adamant about documenting Boot Hill as well... so there's quite a bit of footage of that. Do excuse my hair and voice... I sound so posh and I have no idea why.

The first shot of the Manor is taken from the riverboat, and the CM at the end of the video is Thierry... we got quite chatty with him. He asked whether he should speak in French or English for the video, and I said either is good.

We also have ride-throughs of other rides too if anyone is interested, including Pirates of the Caribbean.

That lonely Manor on the hill, sorrowful song drifting...