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Started by Kristof, September 30, 2013, 07:36:06 PM

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You've seen Filip V's videos and photos and now he's joining the magicforum family!

Please give Filip V and the members of his forum (which is now closed) a big warm magicforum welcome!  :D


Welcome Filip V! I have seen all of your videos on YT and they are one of the reasons that made me interested in Disneyland Paris.
My previous Disney trips:
Tokyo Disneyland: March 1998
Walt Disney World: March 2008 /*\ New Years 2011 /*\ April 2013 /*\ October 2015
Disneyland Paris: September 2013 /*\ July 2015
Disneyland California: August 2016 (Honeymoon)

Upcoming trips:
Disneyland Paris: Spring 2020?
Walt Disney World: 2021 or 2022
Hong Kong Disneyland: -
Shanghai Disneyland: -

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I've already registered here a long time ago, but I was also active on the dlrpfans forum.
So very logical I'm also making the "transfer" to the Magicforum ;-) !

Over several years I'm a huge fan of the vids from FilipV, so I'm very excited to see the future ones !!
Always belive in your dreams !!


Hey everyone,

I'm also one of the new members on this forum due to the closing of, but it doesn't matter. This now means the Disney-Fans-Family has grown ;)

All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them - Walt Disney -