"Disneyland Paris Treasures" Blog - Just launched

Started by Disneyland Paris Treasures, October 15, 2013, 06:06:14 PM

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Disneyland Paris Treasures

In light of all the negativity that Disneyland Paris has lately received it might be worth mentioning that this weekend a new blog, dedicated solely to positive things about Disneyland Paris, to showcase its' many hidden and not so hidden treasures has launched:

Disneyland Paris Treasures blog (disneylandparistreasures.com)

The blog's first article (here) features an indepth look one of the coolest souvenirs that were ever available at Disneyland Paris:

The article highlights this beautiful piece of Disney history, its origins, the artist who created it (legendary Disney Imagineer Sam McKim) and why it also is a lovely homage to Walt Disney's original Disneyland.

As an added bonus, the article offers this highly sought-after piece of Disney memorabilia in professionally digitalised, high resolution (printable at full size) quality for download.

I very much hope you enjoy the new Disneyland Paris Treasures blog and its' first article and I'm very much looking forward to your feedback! Please leave a comment at the article if you enjoyed it!