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Started by jenniedisney, July 12, 2013, 10:44:20 AM

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Favorite ride--Big Thunder Mountain
Favorite Place--Seeing my kids faces on the opening night of Dreams(Little girl shed a few tears) followed very very close by the hotel bar before bedtime
Favorite food-- Tough one.... Ludwigs


Quote from: "SwipatronSparks"1. Rc racer.... No... ToT.... No.... pOTC.... I dont know :( i love them all
2. Frontireland at night adventureland during the day
3. Sandwiches from the earl tried my first one over easter weekend... Craved one ever since... never tried the sandwiches from the Earl, are they that good?

captain rocket

In my opinion, they are Grovesie. Very good quality, freshly made and relatively good value (By Disney standards!) Do yourself a favour and give it a try.
I am off on 29th July staying in the New York and I have already planned to go straight to the hotel when I arrive at about 2000, check in and then off to the Earl before going into the park, I can't wait!


Oooh, that's tricky:

Favourite ride: Big...Pirates...Thunder... of the... Mountain.... Caribbean   :lol:
                  (Sorry, I really can't decide between the two)

Favourite place: Frontierland, sitting on the benches or chairs in front of the saloon or the shop,
                     feeling like the sheriff of the town

Favourite item of park food: most things of the menu of the Blue Lagoon, especially the desserts (hot
                                    chocolate cake, yummy)

Oh, and I agree with captain rocket: the sandwiches at the Earl are great!


Good questions! :)

My favourites are:
Ride: Pirates of the Caribbean (followed very closely by Big Thunder Mountain!)
Place: La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant - I love looking at the tapestries and then going outside and looking over Fantasyland :) the music is lovely too!
Food: The pizza at Café Mickey I think.. there is so much to choose from!

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Sulley's Arms

Ooh, I like games like this - I could easily make this a Top 10 project, as there is soo much to love, but will keep it simple!

1. Ride: Either Buzz or POTC - Pirates was closed during our Feb trip so haven't experiences the sights, sounds & smells for a year  :( . So until we go in a few weeks POTC is no1 for this reason!
2. Place: Either most places in Fantasyland (love the music that floats around here), or possibly the entrance / queue route for POTC - this has got to be the best queue area in the world  :thumbs:
3. Food: Either Creme Brulee at The Blue Lagoon, or those AMAZING pastries in Salon Mickey  :D
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ride: POTC
place: anywhere on main street
food: salon mickey

although this all changes frequently!
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Oooh, too many choices!!

1. Fave ride has got to be Phantom Manor (this was my girls fave too <3

2. Fave place to sit would have to be at Caseys corner taking in the surrounding and people watching!
3. Lastly fave place to eat would be tied with restaurant des stars and Auberge de Cendrillon (they both serve such gorgeous food that I couldn't choose!) YUM!  :D
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Favourites are:
Ride: POTC
Place:the band stand in Main street looking towards the castle.
Food: wraps at Fuente del Oro near BTM or croque Monsieur in Wildcats cafeteria in studios


1. Peter Pan's Flight

2. Could I have the whole of Fantasyland ?  :P

3. Silver Spur Steakhouse, or the hot chocolate. Specifically, drinking the hot chocolate in the dark, awaiting the start of Disney Dreams  :thumbs:


For me that would be:  Thunder Mountain, MainStreet , and the food in Annette's Diner.  And the large croque monsieurs in MainStreet.
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RC Racer or Crushes Coaster

The inter connecting part of Adventurelamd and Fronteirland

Food wise is a tough one but my favourite food I've even in the park ever was an apricot jam donut, I haven't seen them in recent trips though :(


Quote from: glenn on July 16, 2013, 01:29:26 PM
favourite ride thunder mountain.                                                                                                                                        favourite food king ludwigs.                                                                                                                                     favourite place,for a bit of peace and quiet,the secret garden.

Ooh, what's the secret garden??

1. Phantom Manor  :-*
2. The Sleeping Beauty Castle
3. Restaurant en Coulisse the studios (the big hall thing) with a hotdog and fries.


Ride - Thunder Mountain
Place - Sitting in Town Square soaking up the atmosphere
Food - anything from Ludwigs


1. Your favourite Ride
Pirates and/or Star Tours

2. Your favourite place in the parks
Main street and/or the Pirates queue

3. Your favourite item of park food
Hot dogs from Casey's! :D