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Started by NanookJackal, May 28, 2013, 08:03:07 PM

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Walt Disney Studios Park is a complete mess in my eyes. Sure there are great Attractions but is still lacking somehow.
After Ratatouille opens, the Park itself has a new Ride but it gets more messy witht the theme. To bring in some differnces and new twists for this Park, i thought of giving you my ideas of a MasterPlan and how the Park should and can be.

First Part of my Walt Disney Studios Park Master Plan will beginn with Toon Studios.!

Pixar Studios Backyard:
The Pixar Animators created in the Backyard of the Pixar Studios a Playground for themself to hang out and have fun thogether. Today the Place got recreated here at the Disney Hollywood Adventures. Come and join the Animators and explore the different Places where your Favorite Pixar Animation Movie comes to live.

1st half of the Map: Remember its just an sample....

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Nemo´s Coral Reef:
1.Mr. Ray´s:
Step abboard on Mr. Ray and Fly with him around the Coral Reef. The Flying Carpets will get replaced and rethemed to Finding Nemo. The Surrounding is a rocky and beautiful Coral Reef, and the vehicles look like Mr. Ray from the Movie.

2.Crush Coaster:
Take a seat in your Turtle and Swim around the Coral Reef, into the Deep Ocean and through the East Australian Current. Crush Coaster will get replaced to another location, his track will be totally different to the one we have at the moment. The outside of the Building will be a big rocky Coral Reef, the part that won´t be themed as a Reef should look like the Brick wall from the Pixar Studios, now you see that you are in the Backyard... The Queue and Loadingstation is all themed to a Reef like the Outside. You step on board, go up a little hil and drop outside the building, here you ride a little 8 back inside the building, now you are in the darker part with the jellyfish and the submarine, go up the hill again and down the East Australian Current.

3.Dory´s Sea Adventure:
Join Dory on her Adventures through the Ocean. This Attraction will be amazing, it is a 360 3D Dome, with a Moving and Vibrating platform. A new Movie will be made for this Attraction, also it will have lots of effects like Wind, Water, Smell and a beautiful soundtrack.

4.Turtle Talk:
Visit Crush and have a little talk with him. Stitch will move out and Crush comes in. To give a 3rd Attraction to the newly designed Finding Nemo Land.

5.Marlin´s anemone store:
Come inside Marlin´s and Nemo´s anemone and shop till you drop. A little Store with exclusive Finding Nemo/ Dory merchandise...

Toy Story Playland:
This land will just get some additions but will remain as it is.
1a.Hamm´s Twister:
Board Hamm and Twist around like a Pig. Cars Race Rally will get rethemed to Hamm the Pig from Toy Story. The Entrance will get relocaded into the Inside of Toy Story Play Land.
2a.Toy Soilder Parachute Drop: Will stay where it is.
3a.Slinky Dog Zig Zag Spin: Will stay where it is.
4a.RC Racer: Will stay where it is.
5a.Buzz Lightyear Laser Spin: Attraction from Discoveryland will get replacet to this location. It includes a little Shop and a Pizza Planet counter + outside seating area. Art of Disney Animation gets Demolished to make way for it. The Toilettes will get rethemed.
6a.Toy Story Meet & Greet:
meet your favorite Charakters from Toy Story. It won´t be a building, just a Meet and Greet location behind the Barrel. On the map it looks like a Building but its just to mark the space.!

Remys Paris:
1b.Ratatouille Kitchen Calmaty: Upcoming Attraction.
2b.Ratatouille Restaurant: Upcoming Restaurant.
3b.Remy´s Crazy Water Ride:
Take a seat in you Bottle Boat and enjoy the wild journey with Remy. The Costume building gets demolished to make room for this new Attraction (exclusive for DLP). The Boats look like the Bottle remy sits in when he travles down the Wild Water to Paris. You travle on the lake outside of Paris, the stream gets faster and then you stop and travle up the hill. Now comes the fun part, because this is a Water Coaster (//http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLaBQkKsRg8) it travles through tubes with lots of light effects and screens to simulate water around you. At the end of the Coaster track thats inside a Building you make a little bunny hop outside the Building into the water and make a little boat tour back into the building.

4b.Emile´s Spinning Cheese:
Step on board you Cheese and spinn around. A simple Tea Cup ride themed to Cheese and Emil is your host.!
5b.Linguinis Gifts: A little Store with exclusive Ratatouille merchandise. Between the Shop and the Spinning Cheese is a Meet and Greet Location.!

So thats it for now. The second Half of the map will come below... What you think so far?


2nd half of the Map. Remember its just a Sample...

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Dine at the Monstropolis IN Restaurant HerryHausens. A little Restaurant themed to the one from the movie.

2c.Monster Inc Door Coaster:
Take a wild ride inside the Door warehouse of Monster Inc. Another Familyfriendly Coaster from Mack. Themed to the Door scene from the Movie. Here you see the coaster //http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3K-o7nGwKw it is a LSM suspended coaster. The Building itself also will have a Monster Shop and Toilettes.
3c.Monster Uni Ride and Seek: The Attraction from Tokyo Disneyland just themed to Monsters Uni this Time.
4c.Monsters Carousell: a simple merry go round themed to Monsters.
5c.Monsters Meet & Greet.
Meet and Greet mike and Sully and all the other Monsters from monstropolis.

Carsland: Copy of the whole land from DCA.
1d.Radiator Springs Racers: as the original.
2dLuigis Tires: It won´t be the Flying tires, the ride system is based on Aquatopia from TDS just themed to the Tires and Cars.
3d.Maters Junkyard Jamboree: as the Original.
4d.Flo´s V8 Cafe: as the Original.
5d.Cozzy Cone Motel Snacks and Ride: as the Original + a new Attraction. A Swing Carousell themed to the cones.
6d.Sagents and Fillmores: as the Original.
7d.Ramones: as the Original.
8d.Radiator Springs Court House: as the Original.

Expansion Room:
I thought of splitting this plot of land into two small areas for UP and Merida or Up and the upcoming movie the Good Dinosaur, but right now am not so sure :)

Thats it for Today. This is my idea for the Toon Studios / Pixar Studios Backyard. What do you think so far?
Next will be Entrance/ Production Courtyard and Backlot...


And Fantasmic or WORLD OF COLOUR :)