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Started by Domigo McDuck, May 15, 2013, 12:30:50 PM

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Domigo McDuck

Hello pals!

In order to celebrate our love for Disney, Disneyland Paris and our year as CRPs at Epcot, my girlfriend and I started a little blog:

Duckburg Weekly

We basically write about great items for Disney Collectors and important things from the World of Disney. Since we are going to work at Walt Disney World from next January on for a whole year, you can expect some great inside views!

We recently started a little "interactive" visit at Disneyland Paris, so it would be great, if you could tell us what you think about it!

Also this is our first blog and we make probably some mistakes. So we appreciate your opinion as true Disney Geeks and are grateful for every comment!
Duckburg Weekly

You can follow us on Twitter as well @Duckburg_Weekly

Posts and views are our own and not those of the Walt Disney Company.