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When I first started visiting Disneyland Paris in 2003 it was DLRP but I am used to saying DLP now. It is confusing for most guests who are not big fans and don't follow the park news daily. It has had so many names.
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It used to be DLRP ie Disneyland Resort Paris now it's changed to DLP - they've dropped the Resort.


I've been visiting since 1992 & often still refer to it as Eurodisney I'm afraid. just like Starbursts are Opal Fruits  & Snickers are Marathons  ;)

there are still references to Eurodisney around the park on posters & things anyway.


Quote from: Festival Disney on May 06, 2013, 08:12:45 PM
I believe most people use DLRP to refer to the whole resort area, whilst DLP is used for Disneyland Park.
Yes, this is what I do.

DLRP = Disneyland Resort Paris
DLP = Disneyland Park
WDS = Walt Disney Studios

I think it was much better when the whole resort was called DLRP, since DLP can be Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Park and Disneyland Park in California.

Just a fun fact, in Sweden most people still call it Euro Disney since we havn't had much (as far as I know) ads and commercials since the mid-90s when pretty much all Disney VHS had a commercial from Euro Disney Paris.

But it was fun to see the new Disneyland Paris commercial at Cartoon Network last week. All in Swedish :)
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When you see various ITV programmes giving away prizes still sometimes refer to Eurodisney you realise what confusion all this name changing causes!