Phantom Manor Update?

Started by pfspock, February 04, 2011, 01:12:13 PM

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What a gem! Thanks so much for posting!


I think I'll watch it again just to see him do that epic laugh!

It still surprises me that he died so soon after this recording. This is around the time where his smoking really started to impact his health, but he's still so energetic.
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Quote from: "Columbiad"What a gem! Thanks so much for posting!

I second that!

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I'd love to see updates at the Manor, it's one of my favourite rides and it makes me sad to think that the whole area is being neglected :/
As for having characters in the queues, I don't suppose they'd allow me to dress up and stand in the line? xD haha
meow =]
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when riding it for the first time last month, I noticed that it looked really "run down" (ironic considering the house is supposed to be) but I could tell most of the effects not working , like the mirror and the ballroom
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Hey, i'm also a D23 Gold Member.... SO THATS FUN!

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