New character meets at Walt Disney Studios (Summer 2014)

Started by StarGazer, July 03, 2014, 11:44:29 AM

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Hello! Just saw that @InsideDLParis tweeted about new character meeting oportunities at the Studios, and since I don't see any fitting topic to post about it, I created my own!

The account has tweeted about these events, with soft openings tomorrow:

- Disney's Stars 'n' Cars "Meet your favourite Disney Characters" from 12.00-14.00 daily (I guess the characters will parade in the cars, stop at Production Courtyard, meet visitors and then return, similar to that old Good Morning Walt Disney Studios miniparade)
- The Incredibles Hit the Road in Backlot at 11.45 12.30 13.15 and 14.00 daily (no idea about this, although recently an Incredibles background popped up in the Toon Studio meet-and-greet corner)

Along with the meet-and-greets the Studios already offered, it seems that this summer WDS will be full of characters!  ;)
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 ;D Its ALLLLLL about the characters for my family so that's brilliant to hear! We are next there in March 15 so am eager to hear about the character changes, especially what will happen in EMH when the characters are taken away from hotels!!!!  ;D