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Started by SwipatronSparks, February 08, 2013, 11:08:45 AM

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hey guys,

my next trip to disney in march includes a first trip via eurostar to the magic =] but we have to change in lille to the tvg, im just curious, when i pick up my eurostar tickets in st pancras will it also print off the tickets for the tgv as well or will i have to pick them up when i get to lille.... we have a good hour in lille so if we have to pick them up its not a problem i would just rather know ahead if this is the case.... also will i be able to pick up my return tickets for the tvg/eurostar home at the same time as pick up my outbound ones, im sure i have read somewhere that i will be able to get the tickets for all legs of my journey at the same time but just want to check =]



ps. apologies for not placing this in the eurostar thread but my experiences with posting questions in those threads is that they never get answered properly and im a but of a worry wart :P
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On one of my trips last year, which was booked with Eurostar direct, our return trip was via Lille and we received all of our tickets prior to departure. i would therefore assume that you will get the same!