Your Previous Trips - when and which hotel?

Started by shell_ely, February 16, 2007, 02:09:15 PM

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Quote from: "daft4tinks2011"We've only been once before and once to WDW Florida.  But I'm extremely excited for our next trip to DLRP in 4 weeks time  :D/

We're staying in the Cheyenne for the first time in September and would love to hear about your experience of the hotel. :thumbs:


9 times I've been I didn't actually stop in a hotel.  They were just day trips on a coach.  The other three times I stopped in the Cheyenne Hotel.  Think it's a pretty nice hotel in my opinion.  I mean if all you are doing is sleeping in there and spending your whole time in the parks, I think you don't need all the fancy facilities the others have.  Thats how I see it anyway!  I'm going for the park when I'm there, not the gyms and the swimming pools!  Its got a fun games arcade, shop and bar tho which I enjoyed! :)


got a new one for my list....

janurary/feburary 2011 stayed in the disneyland hotel

lol this reminds me i need to finish my trip report =]
past trips to DLRP ~2001~2001~2002~2003~2005~2005~2006~2008~2011~2013~2015/16~2016~2017~2019
DLH, SL, NPBC, Explorers, Dream Castle, Magic Circus, Kyraid,

upcoming trips....


1993 only 1 day staying
1994 Cheyenne
1995 Santa Fee
1997 Cheyenne
1999 Cheyenne
2002 NPBC
2004 NPBC
2006 Sequoia Lodge
2007 NPBC
2009 Cheyenne
2011 NPBC (two weeks to gooo :D)

magic katy

My last trip was in November, 2009. We then stayed in Cheyenne. I liked it, I thought it was good enough. The theming is great, most of the staff was nice and I slept very well. My boyfriend didn't like it that much.
The rooms were a bit old, especially the bathroom. But I understand the rooms are being refurbished at the moment. And I didn't like the breakfast that much. It was enough, but nothing special.

During the same trip we stayed 1 night in Hotel Kyriad. Just for 1 night is fine, nothing special but a good hotel for that kind of money. It lacked in Disney Atmosphere. We preferred the stay in a Disney hotel because of that.

Next trip will be in September this year and we will be staying in Hotel New York.


My last trip was september 2010 stayed in Newport Bay Club , must say even as an 18 year olds my boyfriend and I found our stay magical , especially him as it was his first visit , and was so sad when we left :P , the hotel was lovely we were though a little disappointed with our room as it was in some disrepair and they shoved us in the room with the furthest walk possible on the ground floor . However the Hotel itself was brilliantly themed and as soon as we walked in it felt like disneyland :)

Ive also visit disney at christmas when i was like 11 , we stayed in santa fe and from what i can remember breakfast and buffet were great and room was basic but nice :) , the general hotel theming was really good though and the esso garage was handy for snacks but not especially cheap.

We'll be visiting twice this year - September 12-15th Hotel new york :D not long now !
and December 13-16th sequoia Lodge


Usually peak season/July & August
1994 Santa Fe
1995 Cheyenne
1996 Sequoia Lodge
1997 Santa Fe
1997 (New Year's Eve) Newport Bay Club
1998 Sequoia Lodge
1999 Santa Fe
2000 New York
2001 Newport Bay Club
2003 Cheyenne
2004 Newport Bay Club
2005 New York
2005( November) Disneyland Hotel/ Sequoia Lodge
2006 Santa Fe
2007 Sequoia Lodge
2007 (November) Sequoia Lodge
2008 Cheyenne
2009 Newport Bay Club
2011 New York  :D
I love every single one of them!!!  Would like to stay at Disneyland Hotel more often...  ;)


2011 december 13th to 16th not decided yet but probably SL
2010 december SL
2009 december SL
2008 March kyriad
2007 SL
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Always peak season so July - August

2005 Newport Bay Club
2006 Hotel New York
2008 Newport Bay Club
2010 Disneyland Hotel

The first time in Newport Bay was the nicest as we had a room that looked out over the lake. It was a nice change staying in other hotels than the same one all the time. I want to go back!!1


Well, let's see, if I can remember all the dates...
1995 - Santa Fe
1998 - Davy Crockett Ranch; enjoyed it there, but having to drive to the park every day was a little bit annoying
1999 - Sequoia Lodge
2002 - Newport Bay Club, one of my favourite
2005 - Hotel Cheyenne, I love the Western atmosphere
2006 - Sequoia Lodge
2007 - Hotel Cheyenne
2009 - Newport Bay Club
2010 - Newport Bay Club for the Halloween Party, which was great
2011 - Disneyland Hotel, Christmas Season, absolutely marvellous, and the location at the entrance is just perfect
Can't await our next trip, which I hope will be soon

Little mermaid 240

August 1992 - coach trip stayed off site went with my husband, my parents and 2 little sisters!

Loved every minute even through it was very hot! Very long days! Also during the night parade on the first night there was a thunder storm at first we thought it was Disney magic as the lightening was in time with the music and fireworks :D then it started to rain so heavily that you couldn't tell who you were stood next too, :?  The next night there were less people in the parade - still drying out some of the costumes  :thumbs:

October 2009 - SL - 5 nights  with husband and our 14 year old daughter  :D

June 2012 - SL - 7 nights and were extremely excited!! :D

Dream = the Pink hotel aka DLH for Christmas at the start of November for my daughter's 18th! (Must play the lottery more often)  :D
Little Mermaid x


February 11'- don't know the name of the hotel, but it wasn't nice.
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November 2011, Santa Fe.
Just got back and had an awesome time!
Tripreport will follow as soon as I can find the time...


Quote from: "Annet"November 2011, Santa Fe.
Just got back and had an awesome time!
Tripreport will follow as soon as I can find the time...

Look forward to your trip report! :thumbs: Is breakfast the mad scum I've heard about at the Santa Fe??? We're staying there June 2012.

Mrs Pluto

1995 my very first time  with my Mum brother and Sister when i was 15! We drove there. We stayed in the Sequoia Lodge End of Nov.
This is when i fell in Love with DLP! The Christmas season, loved all the decs. I remember we rode BTM countless times! The atmosphere was great in the Hotel, Loved the log fires, and hot drinks.

1996 2nd time, Newport Bay Hotel, End of Nov, Again christmas season with same people! Loved it just as much, I actually prefered the SL to the NPB hotel. I thought it had cosier surroundings. our room was just nr reception was good location. Again my brother drove.

1997 yeah you guessed it Christmas season...Back to the SL, not so near reception this time. Me and my brother rode BTM for the first time! we both was so scared! Think my brother screamed more than me....He is a big manly guy to  :lol:  I remember the first drop thinking it was never ending  :o ...again drove there. that was our last for a few years.

2003 a day trip by coach, (never again) Was with ex's family. Travelled New years eve for hours, stayed in a Hotel outside the resort....Spent New years eve in the park for the Bell's. Was PACKED, which i knew it would be. was arm to arm all the way. Was great atmosphere. But when everyone started leaving was a nightmare, people barging past! losing each other. Then travelled back all day new years day :|

2004 Disneyworld Florida, A whole new experience,I cant remember the hotel! I remember it being about a 5 min a drive away. I do love both parks, but DLP that little bit more. DWF was HUGE! Prob never seen it all, But was a great Holiday, We went NEw York first for New years eve.

2008, March DLP for 5 nights, just me and my friend, Stayed in the Sequoia Lodge was different being there with a friend, She wasnt as disneyfied as me. she wasnt into the parades or shows. Just the rides, and drinking coffee  :| went by Eurostar so much better and quicker than driving!! plus we had premium seats on way there, had a nice breakfast!

March 2009 Again me and same friend as 2008, Travelled via Eurostar again, we stayed in the Santa fe this time. I thought the Hotel was good, breakfast just the same as other hotels, except you had to find your own table at the santa fe, you wasnt shown to one. My friend didnt want breakfasts so i went on my own....was worried when i left the table for food someone would take it, but it was ok  :D was Busy but managable. Didnt find it took that long to walk to villiage and Parks, was quite a nice walk. we walked it each day.

Thats it until we go March 26th 2012, staying at the Cheyenne! Will have my little man this time :D