Your Previous Trips - when and which hotel?

Started by shell_ely, February 16, 2007, 02:09:15 PM

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Hi all just wondered if you all wanted to share your trip dates and hotels you stayed in and what time of year did you enjoy the most?


our disneyland trips
8th nov 1998 at the davy crocket ranch for 4 nights
march 16 2000 hotel santa fe for 3 nights
march 19th 2002 hotel santa fe for 6 nights
march 23rd 2004 hotel santa fe for 5 nights
march 15th 2005 hotel sants fe for 5 nights
november 16th 2006 hotel cheyane for 4 nights

we love going in march as it is quieter but the christmas season was great we are hoping to go late this year and then march next year :D  :D
how about you ? :P


I've been 8 times at this moment.

Out of the times I have been, the least busiest times were November & December. Although at that time of year it's very cold!

I have stayed in four different on-site hotels. My favourite ones are the Disneyland Hotel and the Hotel New York. Out of the two I prefer the Hotel New York because of it's location, and it's cheaper :P

I'm hoping to go this year in June. I've heard it's not busy and very hot at that time :wink:


I have a very random list, as follows:

11th February - 12th February 2000, Seqioua Lodge
August 2000, Offsite-Formula 1
February 2001, Cheyenne
August 2001, Some weird hotel like Ibis or something
23rd - 25th July 2003, Sequioa
28th - 31st October 2004, Offsite-Kyriad
9th-12th August 2005, Hotel New York
10th December 2005, Nowhere
7th-9th April 2006, Santa Fe
29th-30th June 2006, Santa Fe
26th-29th October 2006, Holiday Inn
29th October-2nd November 2006, Cheyenne
30th December-1st January 2006/2007, Citea Bussy St George
Future trips:
30th March-2nd April 2007, Hotel undecided
17th-23rd July 2007, Vienna International Dream Castle

I have been so many different times of year, it's hard to choose.  Though, I have to say Halloween is probably my favourite time of year, plus dressing up is fun :lol: .  Christmas and New Year are great times to go, but due to the popularity of this season, I find it overwhelming how anyone can even walk in the park and take in the atmosphere most the time.  

Favourite hotel cannot fully be decided, I really love Santa Fe, simply for it's little areas you can go to escape people and the whole concept is just so funny.  Hotel New York also is a really big favourite of mine, though due to it's layout I don't find it near as fun to walk around than the Santa Fe, Cheyenne and Sequioa.


I cant remember when i went but i steyed at davy crocketts every time for 5 visits  :)


I started going to DLP in 1993. And from that I went there every year.

1993 Santa Fe Christmas
1994 Sequoia Lodge Autumn
1995 Cheyenne Spring
1995 Just one day trip
1996 Cheyenne Christmas
1997 Santa Fe Spring
1998 Santa Fe Christmas
January 2004 Santa Fe
May 2005 Cheyenne
January 2006 Disneyland Hotel
September 2006 Sequoia Lodge
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


1997 Sequoia Lodge - Summer
1997/1998 Cheyenne - New Year
1998/1999 Sequoia Lodge - New Year
2001 New Port Bay - Spring
2003 New Port Bay - Spring

miss disney fan

24 november to 28 november 2003
6 december to 9 december 2004
both at the disnleyland hotel
next trip is 18 november to 22 november 2007


2004 - Sequoia Lodge (5days)
2006 - One day
summer/july 2007 - Sequoia Lodge (6days)!:o)


Aug 1998 - Davy Crocket Ranch (DCR) 5 days
Jul 1999 - DCR - 6 days
Jul 2000 - DCR - 7 days
Feb 2001 - DCR - 5 days
Aug 2002 - DCR - 6 days
Aug 2004 - Explorers - 6 days
Nov 2005 - Explorers - 3 days
Remember Dreams Come True! \":mickey2:\"

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Disneyland Resort - 2007 2010
Walt Disney World - 2001 2003 2005 2006 2008 2009 2011 2012/2013
Disneyland Paris - 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2004 2005 2007
Disney Cruise Line - Disney Wonder: 2008 2009 Disney Dream: 2011 Disney Fantasy: 2012


1993: New Port Bay Club
1994: New Port Bay Club
1995: New Port Bay Club
1996: New Port Bay Club
1997: New Port Bay Club
1998: Sequoia Lodge
1999: New Port Bay Club AF
2001: New Port Bay Club AF
2003: New Port Bay Club AF
2005: New Port Bay Club AF
2006: New Bort Bay Club AF
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:o Well, the first 3 times I went to DLRP, we didn't stay over. :oops: We just went on one of those coach trips which gets you there in the morning and then you leave in the evening.

Next, we booked our first trip where we would stay over. We booked to stay at the Cheyenne, but when we got there, we were told our room had been double-booked and we had been upgraded to the New Port Bay Club! :shock: We were so chuffed! (2 days/2 nights)

In 2005 we went in April, as part of my 18th birthday present. :) We stayed at the Santa Fe. (3 days/2 nights)

:P In 2006, we went for Halloween and stayed at the Cheyenne. (3 days/2 nights)

In 2007, we went in June and once again stayed at the Santa Fe. (3 days/2 nights)

In 2009, I went in January with my friend Jacqui. We stayed at the Cheyenne. (4 days/3 nights). I also went in April with my mum. We stayed at the Cheyenne. (3 days/2 nights)


I have been seven times:

1999 - Hotel New York
2000 - Hotel New York
2001 - Hotel New York
2002 - Hotel New York
2003 - Hotel New York
2006 - Sequoia Lodge
2007 - Hotel New York


That´s my magical Trips:

July 1992 (4 Days, Hotel in Paris)

September 1993 (3 Days, Sequoia Lodge, Montana Room/Lake View)

March 1995 (4 Days, Santa Fe)

July 1996 (4 Days, Cheyenne)

April 1997 to the 5th Birthday Event (5 Days, Santa Fe)

May 1998 (5 Days, Newport Bay Club)

September 1998 (4 Days, Santa Fe)

May 1999 (5 Days, Santa Fe)

November 1999 (4 Days, Cheyenne)

October 2000 during Halloween 31.10. (4 Days, Sequoia Lodge, Suite, Lake View)

September 2001 (4 Days, New York/Midtown Lake View)

September 2002 (4 Days Santa Fe)

December 2003 (4 Days Santa Fe)

May 2004 (4 Days, Sequoia Lodge, Montana Room/Lake View)

May 2005 (10 Days, WDW, Pop Century Resort)

September 2005 (3 Days, Disneyland Hotel (Tinkerbell Suite Castle Club with the Team from Disney Filmparde)

September 2006 (4 Days, Santa Fe)

June 2007 (4 Days, Newport Bay Club)



October 2001 Santa Fe-loved it, nice n basic

June 2002 New York-(mix up with room. up graded to lake view.)


August 2006 Sequoia-loved it.

Should have been June 2007 at Newport Bay-unfortunately, hubby wont be back from over seas in time  :(   ....

So October 2007 - we've decided to go for Cheyenne, then we can save some money to spend on a birthday tea, Buffalo Bill, breakfast, and one of those Cinderella slipper ice creams! .... :D
And we will miss the High School Musical show. Another up side!

October 2001-Santa Fe
June 2002-New York
August 2006-Sequoia
October 2007-Sequoia
August 2010- Newport Bay Admiral Floor
August 2013- Newport Bay Admirals Floor
August 2014 - WDW! Art of Animation Resort
August 2017- Newport Bay Compass Club