2014 Merch - Where is it???

Started by DisneyManiac, June 23, 2013, 09:20:38 PM

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Well after my recent trip to Disney Village, we got everything we needed...Well...NO! Everything to do with 2014 is nowhere to be seen! I have been there the same time last year and they had 2013 Merch, so, what's going on Disney?

Specifically the Calendars and the Fridge Magnets.


We are not even half way through 2013 so I can understand there being no 2014 merchandise for sale yet. They are concentrating on the 20th Anniversary Extended and not even promoting Halloween yet.

I'm glad to be honest and hope they keep the next year's merchandise out of the parks for as long as possible. Let's concentrate and the now and wait for tomorrow to come.
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It also depends a little bit on the Disney Parks merchandising team over in Florida.  The year merchandise contains the same visual throughout all resorts. I imagine it'll start coming through possibly after the 20th anniversary concludes to replace all that merchandise.