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Started by Sal, January 27, 2013, 10:30:13 PM

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I'm planning our 4th trip to Disneyland Paris for september. Suddenly I have doubts on which hotel to choose. We thinking either NBC Admirals Floor, Sequoia Lodge Montana room or New York standard room. We travelling 4 adults an 3 children. Can I please have your thoughts and inputs to help me choose?  :D
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Never been to NYH, but if I had to choose between NBC and Sequoia, I'd go Sequoia, no doubt.
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Can`t say anithing about about Sequoia, HNY was nice last year,they forgot to do our room once, but was instantly done, when we said it. NPB, I liked very much, even we didn`t do Admirals floor.
Next time, I would like to try the Sequoia...


I like Sequoia much. For the kids it has a wondeful swimmingpool.


I didn't particularly enjoy the NPB, I'm not sure why. We'll be having our first stay at HNY in a few weeks, so I can't comment yet, so my vote would be Sequoia Lodge. We've stayed there a few times and have loved each visit, it's very homely. The only thing which I wasn't keen on, was despite having selected your slot for breakfast you still ended up queuing outside waiting for a table to become available. This was going back 6 yrs so the system may have improved.


I stayed with my parter and our 2 yr old son in the Sequoia Lodge Hotel in Sept 2012 in a Montana Lake View Room and it was amazing. The room was huge (but we did have a king size bed with a trundle bed) and we had a view over Lake Disney straight down to Disney Village. The hotel was amazing I loved everything about it and the swimming pool is amazing if you have time to use it. I've stayed at the Newport Bay Club and really liked that but out of the two I prefer the Sequoia Lodge. Never stayed at the New York but I would like to, however when I popped in for a look it had a more adult feel to it than the other two hotels. Hope this helps.


Thanks for your thoughts. :-D We finally decided on Hotel New York mostly because it's the closest to the parks. Now we can't wait till September. :-D
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I didn't want to make yet another thread!
So I'm not sure which hotel to pick Cheyenne or Santa Fe.
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I havent stayed in Santa Fe but I love the Cheyenne , and especially now that the 2 of them are practically the same price Id go for the Cheyenne , the atmosphere is brilliant , so disney-y
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