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Started by Kayteeee, January 24, 2013, 12:09:21 PM

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I'm so sorry if this is in the wrong place; feel free to move it/shout at me!  :oops:

For our honeymoon I wanted to stay at the Disney Hotel, thanks to an unexpected house move we have had to go a bit cheaper and are now looking at Hotel New York. Initially I wanted to stay in Disney Hotel because I'd seen lots of YouTube videos of characters interacting with guests in the hotel foyer and at breakfast.

Am I likely to meet characters if we stay at Hotel New York? Will I be able to get photos with them? I don't really mind which characters I meet as I'm hoping to dine at Cafe Mickey a couple times as well, but a breakfast with the characters would be fun!  Basically any info regarding characters for Hotel New York would be much appreciated  :D

Thank you for reading and for any help/advice you can offer :D


The only breakfast with the characters is in Cafe Mickey. There are characters in all of the disney hotels in the morning. They usually have a sign telling you which ones will be there at different times.

You can always go to the Disneyland Hotel on your way to the park and still have your photo taken with the characters that are there :)
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One of the best chance of getting photos with characeters is the descend of the stairs in the Disneyland Hotel reception. When I last went it was Thursday to Sunday  at 15:00. It might have changed but you can check with the hotel reception photo below-

DSC_8563 by grovesie.i, on Flickr

The characters do a dance down the stairs and stay for photos

captain rocket

If you are thinking of staying in an Empire State Club room you have a private dining room for breakfast which is visited by several Disney characters. I have'nt done it myself, but have read on this forum that you get plenty of interaction with the characters due to the small number of guests in this area.


I've stayed at the New York previously and we met characters - when you enter the building, turn right and go down all the way to the end - you'll see a massive decorative background. In the mornings you can meet characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy ect. Between 9 and 11 (could be 8-10 I cannot remember), this is also where the restaurant/ breakfast area is. (Well it was for us as we were on the right side of the building)
I also saw Pluto randomly in the reception area as soon as you enter. So yes there is an opportunity, just ask at the desk...  :thumbs:

And here's a video of me meeting Mickey!
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Ive stayed at Hotel New York for the past 2 years and we saw lots of characters. On both times of arriving to check-in, Mickey and pluto/Mickey and Goofy were wandering around the entrance which helped with distracting the kids while we checked in. On the first time, Goofy picked my 4 year old niece up and carried her around the foyer dancing, and on the second occasion, Pluto spent a while with us. He had photos and while filming this whole thing, he was pretending to lick the camera, which the kids loved. This was magic as we had just arrived and already they were there.

Each morning, there is a character photo session, as in the video posted above, which is located at the start of the corridor to the entrance to the breakfast rooms. Around 7.30am to 9.30am. We saw Minnie both years and posed for pics and also Mickey. They did not come into the breakfasts.

When we have called back at the hotel around 3pm, Minnie was wandering round near reception.

Apart from the photo stops, which have a line and a cast member in charge of moving people on ready for the next photo, the characters we have seen just wandering round seem to do as they please and they have each spent a long time with us, lots of lovely interaction and hugs for the kids and my niece managed to get Minnie to sit with her while she showed her what she had been buying in the shops that day (Minnie stuff).

I really cant complain about character interaction at this Hotel, plus the Hotel has a gorgeous smell about it which is heaven and I could spend all day just wandering round in there!!

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Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for your responses! I am SO EXCITED!! xx