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Started by mreman2001uk, January 22, 2013, 07:45:50 PM

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hi my name is alex im from england and i currently work as a youth activities host for disney cruise lines
i am aware that disney land paris has an interactive stitch atraction just like the ship, after learning i can do a variety of disney voices i would love to audition for the voice of stitch ,if anyone has any information on how to audition please let me know ,so far all i can find is information on lookalike and parade characters.

thank you in advance
alex thomas


i think , from previous people i know who have done the voice for stitch , you audition normally through the parade and character and then get 'upgraded' to a voice character for a live performance. so i would say your best shot is audition as a character through the audition and then say to the casting directer who is hosting the audition that you can do the voice and would be interested in doing it. Thats your best shot. Im currently on the 6 month magic list waiting for a place to be free as a character on a 175 contract.